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Geoffrey Gould
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The Soulless
On learning of the BEKs phenomenon, a Sensitive friend of mine, Eric W., conveyed a phenomenon which he coined as the Soulless:

The two times I've run across them, I didn't let them get closer than maybe 50 feet. I can sense the Soul (I've identified when a woman was pregnant several times in my life before she was even aware). These individuals I didn't sense anything except a Void, pure sucking emptiness. The Fear I felt was more intense than ANYTHING I had ever felt or felt since. I don't know anything about them. The one time I went "looking" for information, I nearly lost myself. So I don't have anything to add to that. I don't even know what they are called. Soulless just seems like a good enough name.
I was at my training command in the navy, at the smoking area, chit chatting with friends. I felt this sudden intense fear, and turning around my eyes fell upon this woman I had never seen before, coming down a stairwell (that's not too terribly uncommon, there were several hundred of us at the command at any given time). I asked a quick question of my acquaintances, as to if they knew her or not. To which, I got a negative response. She was approaching the smoking area, seeming to look right at me, and the fear was increasing with each step. So I turned tail and ran. I wasn't pursued, and I never saw her again.
The Soulless seem to duplicate our eyes and our lives quite well... they scare the crap out of me. I've only come across two of them, but the feel of them made me run away, literally. I've never been more frightened. Demons are Nothing compared to a Soulless, as far as the Fear I felt, at least.
The other experience wasn't as dramatic... I was walking through a mall... and felt that same gut-wretching Fear. With so many people around I took me a minute to find the "person." So many souls in that place, it's suprisingly hard to find a "void." It was a man this time, young looking, and he was just standing staring at me as the crowd parted around him. I ducked into the crowd and slipped into a store, but a few minutes later, I had the feeling again, and there he was, standing in the middle of the concourse staring at me as the crowds moved around him. I didn't stay long, and rushed out. He didn't follow me into the parking lot, and I never saw him again.
Understand, they both appeared as adults, dressed appropriately for their surroundings. I never got a good look at their eyes, since I was too afraid to meet their Gaze directly, but the psychic sense of them was WRONG. As I said... a sucking void. and for some reason, they seemed focused on me, perhaps it was because I was aware of them... site created February 29, 2008

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