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Saturday 29 May 2021 edition
Rhonda Russo
Tonight we welcomed paranormal investigator and psychic medium Rhonda McGaha Russo.
Henry had her clarify the distinctions between being a psychic and a medium. Rhonda does see ghosts and spirits; just before we went on the air she spoke of a Shadow Figure showing up in her room when she was at an overnight event.
"Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch asked about Rhonda being able to see animal spirits, which she can.
Rhonda spoke of her mother's recent passing, and her being able to visit her towards the end. She also spoke of her grandfather's somewhat dynamic passing, and that the dogs could See his soul leaving his body.
We discussed her experiences with animals, both in her life and during investigations. We also got into her using Usui Reiki.
We discussed her near-death experiences; not so much as going Through The Tunnel, as much as having Really Close Calls. One time a truck plowed through a store window as its driver had had a seizure, and Rhonda inside the store. She had a Voice tell her to turn and run; she was still struck, but had she not been moving it would have been far worse.
She spoke about how she teaches and runs investigations, and her Bump In The Night Investigations ghost hunter teaching book. She would bring students to Gettysburg, to specific known haunted spots and how to collect data with spirits.
Rhonda does do residential investigations, for which she and her group do not charge. They only charge for events for which the venue needs rental payment.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan reported our having listeners tonight from the US, the UK, Ireland, and Canada.
Rhonda reported, having Gone Still during the break, someone Coming Through, of a happily waving man, rowing a boat into the sunset. Considering it was recently reported that 90 year old Gavin McLeod had just passed away, we had to wonder whether it was he.
She spoke of investigating in Gettysburg, getting a lot of activity at Sachs Bridge. We discussed the fantastic photography of our friend Craig Rupp.
She spoke of various experiences she's had on investigations.
Henry told Rhonda about some of his experiences at the Preble County Historical Society.
Cat had Rhomda given out some of her information, including how to be open for readings.

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