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Geoffrey Gould
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Suicide Bridge
Saturday, August 05, 2011
On May 21st, 2011 on my weekly radio show The Paranormal View that I cohost, paranormal investigators Stacy and Andrew Thompson of L.A. Paranormal were interviewed (their having been recommended by our mutual friend Tad Atkinson).
On the air and previous to their appearance, we discussed investigating the Pasadena Colorado Street Bridge (aka the Suicide Bridge), toward their second edition of their webisode series.
Their friend Joey Harrison hadn't been able to make it onto the radio show, but was able to make it to the investigation.
I had done a slight recon a few days earlier, as had they independently as well. They'd found the best place to park and to get beneath the bridge on the eastern side; I'd searched the western end. We hiked from the parked cars to beneath the highway and the main bridge, down onto the main public hiking trail/s and up a steep slope onto a utility road of sorts, which we refered to as Base Camp.
Stacy began video recording for the webisode and Andrew provided historical background regarding the bridge and such. We then headed back down to the trails and walked along, my green laser grid, as well as my Regular Laser (also green) the latter of which reflecting just how much dust and/or particulate matter was about... which obviously, we'd be inhaling.
At a small pedestrian walkway over the Los Angeles River, we did an EVP session; the EVP sessions we tended to do during this investigation were Short Bursts, comprising of a few minutes of recording and immediately playing it back.
We crossed the bridge and we came across some scampering sounds in the nearby foliage, which we quickly learned were rabbits. We continued on to under the bridge and Stacy took some still shots of beneath the bridge, as she'd done up top when we were on the bridge before the sun had set.
Heading back to our base camp, Joey had turned on his digital recorder to Just Record as they walked. We passed the rabbit warren area with Joey and Stacy in the lead, and Andrew and I a few paces behind them. The four of us were conversationally talking and once we were back at base camp the recording Joey had just made was played back.
One could easily hear that Andrew and I close enough to hear what we were saying, and I recalled we were by the rabbits when I'd said something specific. Suddenly on the tape, a very loud and clear voice of a child came on, making a "rapid gunfire noise" as though playing soldier or spaceman (as the sound could either have been that of ricochet bullets or laser gun shots).
We were astonished at its clarity, and the fact that obviously none of us had heard anything other than our own voices as we walked. Certainly anything as loud as on the recording we'd have heard.
We headed back to the rabbit area and Andrew endevoured to elicit further communicating but if the child spirit was still about, it was no longer cooperating.
Before dropping me off, we stopped for some food and celebration of a good solid EVP for their second webisode.

L.A. Paranormal, EPISODE 2
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