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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday May 21, 2011
L.A. Paranormal
Our guests tonight were SoCal ghost hunters Andrew Thompson and Stacy Ann Raposa of L.A. Paranormal (their group of which also on Facebook). Andrew's friend and co-investigator Joey Harrison was also to be a guest, but he had to work.
Craig's microphone was having major trouble; I figured his mic was being Raptured....
Getting off the ground regarding how they got into the paranormal, etc. Both from Massachusettes, Andrew's been into the paranormal pretty much his whole life, and how they started the idea of their webisode series, done non super-seriously, and at least entertaining.
We discussed their having investigated the Cobb Estate in Altadena, and the "Haunted Forest" nearby. When they mentioned there'd been sightings of what sounded to me like it could be a psychic vampire (a being and/or entity that drains peoples' life force), I think they believed I was making a joke.
Craig suddenly popped in verbally, having gotten his mic to work.
Andrew had just managed to upload onto YouTube their first episode, but hadn't yet embedded it onto their webisode page on their site.
Whilst I tried finding the YouTube video, Henry asked about Stacey about her camerawork, etc., that they've been doing the video work for about four months. They want to check out the beautiful Colorado Boulevard Bridge (also known as the Suicide Bridge), the Queen Mary and Linda Vista Hospital.
Andrew indicated anyone listening and/or in the chat who could Recommend Place/s (preferably low to no cost), it'd be appreciated, at which point Henry pointed out we currently had listeners in usA, Ireland, and Finland.
Henry announced a break as suddenly some major white noise hissing started up. He had me send us to break, while I realized too late he was about to do (with Craig's mic apparently again offline), and I didn't have anything Super Funny to say, but I did managed to suggest no get Raptured in the meantime (e.g., during the break).
In the chat room, I submitted "Welcome to the Paranormal View: it's Rapture'icous...!"
Andrew provided his YouTube channel, so as he provided more specific history of the Cobb Estate, I was able to find their webisode series first episode
We discussed how sometimes animals sound like human screaming, and Andrew pointed out that there are even hikers up in the mountains at night, and by the watershed, skeletal remains of an unidentified male found by hikers in 2010, in an area that Andrew and Joey had surprisingly high EMF readings.
Craig managed to get back in, and asked after some of Andrew's back-east experiences, which Andrew reported his since-demolished high school having a specific restroom that created a heavy feeling, a Dark Feeling, a sense of Being Watched, that Something Bad had happened there. He also spoke about another experience traveling, performing at various school.
Henry played a couple of EVPs he got at the previous week's live investigation, the first of which I heard a lot better than the second one...
Craig took us to break; after a momentary non-musical break, Henry played Patty's Spotlight Report with her guest Barry Klinge, as I noticed it had reached 6:15pm on the west coast so I'd complete missed any local Rapturing....
Henry asked whether they investigate cemeteries; Stacey relayed how they've scoped out a few (Hollywood Forever, Forest Lawn), but not official investigating yet.
Craig asked about their using psychics. They've not used a psychic on investigations yet, but it's another aspect with which they want to experiment. Stacey also indicated about how many Haunted Places in California across which one can come, and that they'd all but "not thought" about investigating when they were back on the east coast.
Henry gave out the Podomatic site and how I type this sort of report.
I brought up how, what with the two being from Woburn, Massachusettes, how I'd spent a week or two there with an experimental High School choir exchange program (in the early 1970s), after our choir members had hosted Woburn's high school choir. (Stacey conveyed her appreciation my being able to pronounce Woburn correctly [woo-bin]...).
We noticed the two hours had sped by. Craig asked what they planned to get as they next Big Piece of Equipment. Andrew would love a full spectrum camera, night-vision and/or Flir.
Henry announced next week's guest being Para-X's own Dave Jones, and wrapped us out.

May 21st edition podcast.

LA Paranormal webisode series episode 1:
Cobb Estate investigation in Altadena
Colorado Street bridge
Colorado Street bridge
L.A. Paranormal
L.A. Paranormal
Paranormal View products
Paranormal View

Los Angeles Paranormal Investigative Network
investigates the Colorado Street Bridge
in Pasadena
LA Paranormal webisode series episode 2

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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