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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday 25 September 2021 rebroadcast of 21 March 2015
Stanton Friedman
Our guest tonight was famed UFOlogist Stanton Friedman.
We started out discussing about the origins of computers and how many smart people decades ago pretty much said Stupid Things, as well our discussing as the early Internet. He spoke about UFO debunker Dr. Donald Menzel and his papers not being accessable to said early Internet. Stanton added how classified documents are heavily redacted, so their access, online or otherwise, is almost pointless.
Having had a security clearance, Stanton spoke about security issues and one's Clean Desk requirement; leaving out a classified document causing extreme issues.
He spoke how nationalism is more important to government than the idea its citizenry might consider themselves Terrans (Earthlings). Answering a quesion from the chat room, he spoke about the Kecksburg incident, as well as a near-comical rumour that Joseph Stalin had been orchestrating the Roswell crash to produce mass panic, taking his cue from the famous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds.
He clarified to Henry that there's no dispute about UFOs existing: merely items Unidentified; that the issue is whether it is some sort technology that is beyond our own.
Kat spoke of a recent UFO sighting near where she lives.
Stanton posited that one probable reason for aliens amongst us is to quarantine us from allowing humans' "version of Friendly" to extend out amongst the stars.
Ceiling Cat [CC] Barbara Duncan brought up the idea of the CERN project trying to prove, or at least demonstrate, the concept of parallel universes.
Stanton worked on the idea of nuclear fusion being the best way towards deep space travel.
After the first break, CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, Canada, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Costa Rica, and Unknown.
Stanton spoke how, in his Science Was Wrong book, about the evidence for the paranormal existing, and/but why debunkers care not for facts or evidence.
He spoke about a Joseph Nickel clearly indicating having no idea about what he was talking in attempting to debunk the Roswell crash.
Doug in the chat room asked the best way to see a UFO/flying saucer. Stanton has never seen a UFO that could be Other Technology, but he pointed out that despite chasing Gamma Rays and Neutrons for decades, he's never seen one of those either.
At one talk, he asked for a show of hands about anyone who had had a sighting of a[n extra terrestrial type] UFO, and about ten percent of the hands went up, but when he asked of those responding, who reported the sighting, ninety percent of those hands lowered.
Henry mentioned former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer having been a guest. Stanton knows Hellyer, and while he's heard Hellyer's claims, Stanton has not seen any actual evidence regarding it (as yet).
He spoke about the fuzzy and dodgy background of nay-sayer Bob Lazar.
After the second break, CC had Stanton discuss the probability of UFO occupants officially contacting various heads of state. He spoke about how at one time there had been a standing military order to shoot down UFOs that refused to land after ordered to do so. Many experienced pilots went missing, either taken or their planes destroyed in self-defense.
Stanton mentioned a book by David A. Weintraub about Religions and Extraterrestrial Life. He also spoke of Eisenhower's secret Project Solarium, only revealed in the 1980s to have existed at all.
Stanton reinforced the aliens wanting to contain us, considering our military technology out-racing our societal levels.
Henry conveyed a question from Dr. Scott Smallwood in the chat room, asking about the famous Tunguska explosion.
From another question, he spoke about an aspect from his Flying Saucers and Science book, about a rounded vehicle as opposed to the classic pointy nosed jets. He added how progress comes by doing things Differently.
He also stressed how only a few decades ago the idea that there were planets outside our solar system would be ludicrous.
Stanton also managed to get in his dig on S.E.T.I., to which he refers as Silly Effort To Investigate, and their refusal to acknowledge any evidence of contact.
Henry had Stanton speak about Majic 12, created due to the Roswell crash, as well the closing of Project Blue Book to falsely imply the end of government UFO investigation. Stanton believes Project Blue Book still exists, albeit under a new code name he does not know, but he went into detail in his Top Secret/Majic book. Many of the files are available online, such as they are.
He's been working on a movie project about Travis Walton, currently simply titled Travis.
Stanton gave out his official website, through which one can get a signed book when purchased there; he provided his website, and his Facebook page information.
I gave out the official Paranormal View page info, my Paranormal View hub page on my website, my Twitter information, and our being findable on Facebook.
Kat gave out her own Twitter, her Kat Klockow author website, her Jinxed comic, the show's presence on Twitter, and the show now being available on iTunes.
Henry conveyed that the following week we would host returning guest Angie Clark Small.

25 September 2021 rebroadcast of 21 March 2015 edition Full Audio podcast

Now also available on iTunes

Stanton Friedman on the Paranormal View Youtube edition

Science Was Wrong:
Startling Truths
About Cures, Theories,
and Inventions "They"
Declared Impossible
Stanton Friedman,
Kathleen Marden

Flying Saucers and Science:
A Scientist Investigates
the Mysteries of UFOs:
Interstellar Travel, Crashes,
and Government Cover-Ups
Stanton Friedman

The Betty and
Barney Hill
UFO Experience:
The True Story of
the World's First
Documented Alien
Stanton Friedman,
Kathleen Marden

Top Secret/Majic:
Operation Majestic-12
and the United States
Government's UFO Cover-up
Stanton Friedman

Crash at Corona:
The U.S. Military
Retrieval and
Cover-Up of a UFO
Stanton Friedman
Stanton Friedman
famed UFOlogist Stanton Friedman on 25 September 2021 rebroadcast of 21 March 2015 edition of The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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