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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday 11 September, 2021
Jeff Mudgett
Tonight our guest was author Jeff Mudgett of Bloodstains.
First off I had to know: how was it his book was available for six bucks on Kindle, but its paperback version is $396...? He indicated books being behind him; now he's into nature preservation.
We discussed the significance of the date of tonight's show.
He began speaking of his great great grandfather serial killer H. H. Holmes, whose famous "hotel" of death was a true life horror movie.
We discussed the similarities between Holmes and Jack the Ripper, that most likely Holmes was a copycat killer, being in London at the time; that most likely Holmes committed some of the famous Ripper murders in 1888.
Jeff spoke of his TedX talk on handwriting analysis, and there was a high probability he wrote the famous 'Dear Boss' letter. Handwriting experts gave a 97% match with Holmes' handwriting being the Dead Boss letter.
Tabby posited that Holmes was taunting the police, pointing out they were looking at the Wrong Person.
When they were making American Ripper, Jeff was approached by two dapper Scotland Yard detectives, who while claiming it was believed by authorities that there was a copycat killer involved in the Ripper murders, the detectives eschewed the idea that American Holmes was one: they killers had to be British. Jeff contacted the producers with the new information, but the "History" Channel wanted to retain the narrative of the Ripper being a single, lone killer.
His original surname being Mudgett, H. H. Holmes was just a name he pulled from a hat: it was known he had at least 41 different aliases.
Jeff clarified Holmes was not one to be lumped in with "regular" serial killers, that had some youthful Cause that brought about their homocidal personalities: Holmes was simply Evil. There was no bloodlust; the killings were almost an art form.
Henry had Jeff detail How he learned of Holmes being his ancestor. Once Holmes was allegedly hanged, the family moved to the west coast to avoid the stigma within their family.
Jeff is in talks in a new documentary that will allow Jeff to convey the full story and evidence on Holmes that Jeff has accumulated. He pointed out how American Ripper became a case of cognitive dissonance; refusing to accept evidence that contradicts the "official narrative"...
"Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch brought up what Jeff referred to as the Holmes Curse; people involved in the trial began dying mysteriously. Jeff's theory was that he somehow escaped by somehow switching people at the gallows.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan had Jeff speak as to how Holmes was able to attract a loyal wife.
Amusingly, Henry instructed Jeff how we take out midway break, but failed to remind Jeff that I/Geoff takes us out, so when Henry said, "Geoff, take us out," Jeff thought Henry was speaking to him. When Jeff was done indicating looking forward to the next hour, I did the outro, as well as Skype would let me.
Tabby had Jeff convey how it was when he learned about his murderous ancestor, and his research thereof. He did point out had his grandfather told his wife about Holmes, she would not have married him. Jeff was not pleased with the information out there; the books and such.
Jeff was also strongly displeased with the final episode that all but falsified evidence, and ignored actual evidence.
Having exhumed the body and finding the hanged man having no broken neck, Jeff later realized this had gone from research to a crime scene. The documentary just brushed it off, even with one of the anthropologists pointed out the body was too short to be Holmes. Based on results, it was a very sloppy "investigation" for the "documentary"...
Tabby brought up the famous Murder Castle, which now is a post office, the unused, sealed-off basement of which they're trying to keep out people. Jeff has been there twice; while not a paranormal investigator himself, the Energy Jeff felt down there makes him think if any paranormal investigator with high-end equipment most likely would pick up Something actually paranormal...
As we went to wrap, Tabby conveyed our guests next week would be Marti and Michael Parry

11 September 2021 edition full audio podcast

11 September 2021 edition on YouTube

Author Jeff Mudgett on 11 September 2021 edition of The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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