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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday 21 August 2021
Don Allison
Our guest tonight, the first of the new decade, was Don Allison, author of I Met a Ghost at Gettysburg and I Met More Ghosts at Gettysburg.
Don's physical mantle clock suddenly went off, chiming at the top of the hour as the show began, loud and clear enough I thought maybe Henry had created a new opening for the show. Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan loved it, as its loud ticking continued afterwards, a "sinister" ticking, as CC put it.
"Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch was on but was quiet, due to dental issues (which is understandable).
Henry first asked after Don's wife Diane, who's back to work after a leg issue.
We also spoke of Don's bird Rusty, who has been removed from his room as Rusty tends to be colourful in its language. Don reiterated how Rusty reacts in the deomicile, sometimes as though reacting to someone in an "emply" room. Once Rusty was playing Peekaboo with "someone," so Don used his Ovilus, getting a name and such.
They've recently acquired a cat that'd survived being hit by a car, hence being named Lazurus, but so far no noticable reacting from the cat.
CC asked, what with the CCP virus, has it ramped up any activity. Don said no, mostly he's been doing research, most recently Westwood School in Rudolph, Ohio. During an investigation, one of the team kept knocking over the lasers, and the Spirit Box offered the obvious, "Dumbass...!" Henry brought up one of our favourites: Poasttown Elementary School.
Don spoke about host tours at the Old Bryan Grainery, but during one investigation a young girl got Scratched and they halted the tour at that time. It was once featured on an episode of Most Terrifying Places in America (though I can't seem to find the exact episode).
Henry and Don discussed Put-in-Bay, Ohio, which even had a battle in 1812.
Don spoke of one Gettysburg trip, where he asked Tabby Cat as to her impression of Little Round Top. While there, he experienced seeing several full body apparitions. Just as he began to suspect he was hallucinations, Kat spun around on them, admonishing them not to sneak up on her, causing a few to stop and step back all but in surprise.
Henry spoke about having procured the book Haunted Ohio.
Don spoke about a haunted Methodist Parsonage (now a Bed and Breakfast), next to Father John's Microbrewery 301 W Butler Street, Bryan, Ohio.
Comically, Don's clock went off again at the top of the midway, during the audio break. After the break, CC conveyed tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Canada, spain, and Poland.
We discussed various EVP experiences, as well as Activity taking place in our personal or friends' domiciles. Don mentioned his current home previously being a stop on the Underground Railway; they found all sorts of objects, including but not limited to a flintlock pistol, hiding places for slaves. While never official Investigating his home, Don has indicated activity; once a few of his flathead screwdrivers went missing. He eventually found them but in odd out of the way spots. Another time one of the probably spirits Didn't Like Don's sliding door, and books flew off the shelves, and a mug falling to the floor. Another time while doing outdoor house work alone, his underwear got snapped.
Don's wife Diane has experienced a lot in the home; one morning while dressing, a pewter mug flew off the dresser and shattered the glass of a framed photo on the wall.
Don discussed the 1835–1836 Toledo War.
Henry conveyed our guest next week would be Lyle Blackburn

21 August 2021 edition Full Audio podcast
21 August 2021 edition on YouTube
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21 August 2021 edition
21 August 2021 edition

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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