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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday 12 June 2021 edition
Andi and Jonathan Goldman
Tonight we welcomed Andi and Jonathon Goldman of The Humming Effect.
Henry had some issues getting our guests online. Finally they got on, but Henry seemed to be missing, creating enough of an issue that Henry realized after several minutes he'd neglected to start Recording at the top of the show, so the first 10 or so minutes was not recorded. That being said, in order to make it two hours for replay purposes, Henry "began the show" with a couple of Jonathan's recordings. On first hearing it, for putting together the show's YouTube version of tonight's edition, I thought it was a new opening, but quickly realized it was a couple of of Jonathan's recordings. Henry just leaped in to the "start" of the show. Henry and I had re-recorded my bio intro, which we had to do again later as the new sound file vanished on Henry. As the YouTube version did not require the opening audios, that edition picks up with Henry [re]starting the show, and my re-recorded bio info, so that version is about an hour and thiry-six minutes.
With Henry's during-the-actual-show absense, Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan and I spoke with the two.
They demonstrated having with them a Tibetan Singing Bowl; I couldn't help but mention one my metaphysics teachers, the late great Ted Andrews. It turned out both of them were well aware of Ted, and we honoured him together. I conveyed one of my favourite anecdotes of the prolific author, about a student class field trip he hosted, where he had the children speak with forest trees.
Jonathan got started 40+ years ago; playing in a bar/club at Cape Cod. He plugged in his guitar, and as he looked at the audience he Sensed unpleasantness, even towards violence. He had a eureka moment, wondering how music could make people Feel Good, instead of negative. From there he began researching sound and harmonics towards healing, eventually founding the Sound Healing Association.
They discussed the various aspects of their research and experience and knowledge. They spoke of Sonic Entrainment and Resonance. They referenced and spoke of their Humming Effect book, with humming being one of the most acoustic resondant sonic experience. Jonathan suggested a game; having we hosts all hum, but to pinch our nostrils, demonstrating one cannot hum with a closed nose.
I couldn't help but point out from college I was aware the only sounds using only the nostrils includes, and is limited to, the sounds Mm, Nn, and Ng, I conveyed how my Voice and Diction teacher ended up nicknaming me Ming through my college years.
Jonathan spoke of nitric oxide, not to be confused with nitrous oxide. he also spoke of sound changing and even rearraging structures, and in healing. He spoke of Dr. Royal Rife's research and inventions, and Dr. Peter Guy Manners's Cymatics.
During the break, apparently "Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch fell off the call; which generally is what happens to me during shows. CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, spain, and Belgium. She also conveyed a question from the live chat room about noise pollution and how to overcome such. He spoke of humming and how to meditative focus, and tune out loud noises.
Another question is the Taos Hum type sounds; they had to wondered from where the sounds are even eminating. I wnted to ask about the Sky Trumpets phenomenon, but never really got to do so.
They spoke of their designed tuning forks called "Gaia Forks," or Gaia Frequency Brain Tuner Kits. Referenceing his The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing book, he pointed out how we all unique vibratory beings.
Jonathon put forth his formula: Frequency + Intent = Healing
We spoke about John Stuart Reid's work on Cymatics, and exposing blood to sonics. We saw an analogy with Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Consciousness crystal experiments and the power of thought,
As we went to wrap up, and with Tabby having fallen off the call, Henry announced that next week our guest would be Elaine Kuzmeskus.

12 June 2021 edition full audio podcast

12 June 2021 edition video on YouTube
The Paranormal View hosts
12 June 2021 The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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