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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday 10 April 2021
Cat Gasch
Tonight's returning guest was author and paranormal investigator "Tabby" Cat Snider Gasch.
Henry started out indicating we'd be discussing dopplegängers.
Discussed was the creepy factor, the metaphysical angle; Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan pointed out how one may Project themselves differently, conveying an anecdote of Marilyn Monroe out in public with a friend, and how the friend couldn't understand why no one seemed to realize Marilyn Monroe was Right There, but Marilyn just said she had to Turn It On, and suddenly everyone recognized her.
(On my own, I went to but their AI system came up with no one who even remotely resembled me.)
Cat discussed an investigation in which various investigators were "duplicated," to disorient the group, effectively working towards actively separaring and isolating group members.
Cat visited Cahir in Ireland in 1992, she came across her sister's dopplegänger outside, when in fact her sister had been inside. As they checked out, and Cat's sister went outside, Cat asked the manager about hauntings; the manager smailed, realizing Cat had had an experience. The manager confirmed people had been tripped and such, considering the dopplegänger was leading Cat towards dangerous areas at which Cat could have seriously been hurt.
Just before the break, CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, and France.

Amy Pond/s: ''Doctor Who'' shorts ''Space'' & ''Time''

Patsy in the live chat room asked whether Cat may have unintentionally bi-located. Cat was impressed, indicating such was Pretty Darn Close. She spoke of an investigation during which she was in the basement with part of the group, but she kept getting an impression one spirit Did Not Want Cat to be there. She felt maybe she should be in a different location, at which point she began feeling poorly. She was escorted to the stairs, but was so woozy she tripped on the first step, bruising her shin, effecively leaving a permanent mark. Later she was told she was seen walking down a hallway where she had not been, even wearing the same clothing she was then wearing. Suddenly she felt she should be back to the basement. A call came over the walkie-talkie, asking if Cat was with them, as people in the basement was seeing Cat's double nearby.
Cat bemoaned how while there have been lifted-restriction from the CCP Virus, there's still limited investigations. Cat posited that, like actors, spirits may "need an audience;" without people coming into their space, the spirits cannot feed off peoples' lifeforce energy.
She felt the less people on an investigation the better, unless the place is massive such as Trans Allegheny Asylum.
Henry reported that longtime friend of the show Steve Shockley had acquired the CCP Virus.
We discussed the original Roland Doe story events of the exorcism that would become The Exorcist novel.
Henry aske where in Gettysburg she's like to investigate when they're able to get back there. She selected Reynolds Avenue. Henry didn't have a preference, himself. He clarified that "off season" is the time do investigate; in the summer itself it's flooded with tourism.
Henry indicated New Things afoot regarding upcoming shows, such as a UFO round-table discussion with Thomas Wertman, Peter Robbins, and Kathleen Marden, with Henry listing only he and CC moderating, having me quip whether I was just gonna be serving drinks...

10 April 2021 edition podcast

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My Life Amidst
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Cat Snider Gasch
10 April 2021 edition

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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