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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday April 23, 2016
David Stewart Farm
Henry and Kat were broadcasting live tonight on location in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, from the very haunted David Stewart Farm. Henry reported spotting John Zaffis in town; as I aware later in tonight's show former show co-host Craig Rupp would stop in, I noted on his twitter feed, he actually came across and met John Zaffis and got a photo with him.
Also on hand were Patrick McCormack of GhostSoldiers, and the property owner Stephani Maitland. Stephanie started out speaking of the history; it being built in 1740 and originally owned by William Penn. She spoke about when she'd bought the ome, they restored what they could, leaving alone what they could. Her very young son began experiencing ghosts in his bedroom; eventually the adults began experiencing ghosts.
Kat spoke about noticing a water elemental at a local converging stream; she and Patrick later made an offering and got an interesting reaction.
Stephanie was a bit surprised that (while searching for her online to link to her from this page), I had become aware she's a personal trainer.
Coming back in frm the first break, they had with them Steve Shockley of Rock with the Shock radio show. Henry explained to Craig they'd learned about the location from Laine Crosby and her book.
My computer lost its connection there for a few seconds, long enough to lose the Skype call completely.
Henry has Ceiling Cat [CC] Barbara Duncan report our having listeners in the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Unknown.
Kat spoke about her overnight room experience. When they checked in, Henry claimed the former officers' quarters, "leaving" Kat with a former surgical suite. At 4:25am Kat felt a cat jump up on the cat, which didn't surprise her as there are six cats of the property. When she woke up an hour later, she realized with the door closed, there couldn't have been a cat, at least not a corporeal.
With a few questions from the chat room, Stephani came back on to describe the elaborately extensive wall mural paintings in the house.
Craig asked for prayers regarding health issues to his and Henry's friend Erin Hamilton.
Coming back from the second break, we had on Tiffaney Mason and Nancy du Tertre. who's been a previous guest on the show. While Tiffaney was attending with her husband Joe, he did not come on the air. Apart from being a war between the states era "cosplayer," as it were, Tiffaney spoke of being groped by "frisky ghosts" during their time.
Henry pointed out that they'd characteristically visisted Mr. G's Ice Cream parlour during their time there.
While "Tabby" Cat Gasch and Tinamarie Ronan were expected to be guests tonight, as well as possibly Doug McReynolds being called in, time raced by and we weren't able to have them on.
Mr. G's Ice Cream. and Kerrie Albright, and store owner Mike Gladfelter, who spoke about the building, also known as Twin Sycamores house, aka the John Winebrenner house, and footsteps coming up the stairs without a physical body attached. The bulding was occupied by Confederate forces in July, 1863, it is one of the best known houses from the Battle of Gettysburg.
They purchased the home January 2010, it's 196 years old, built in 1819; in the original brick on the south side of the home is retained bullet holes from battles in the war between the states. Eventually he had to leave to retrieve his 12 year old son from his kid-cast community theater performance of Sound of Music, where he was playing Capt. Von Trapp.
Next up was Cat Snider Gasch and Mike Stevenson; Henry spoke about their visiting Sacks Bridge, as well as their getting lost driving through the labrynthal park roads.
described how he and Patrick McCormack met and became best friends, and doing war between the states re-enacting, and the various places they've investigated, information on which is on their GhostSoldiers website.
While Doug was speaking, a storage room door popped open and a figure could be seen momentarily therein. They set up something they were calling "pods" to verify ghostly activity. Doug pointed out the town was so saturated with paranormal activity that that's why such equipment kept registering positive results.
Bringing us back from the second break, Meanwhile, at the site, Kat felt five-fingers of a ghostly hand stroking her hair, pony tail, and the back of her head.
Kat spoke about their visitng Triangle Area and Devils Den.
Henry brought on the phone comical radio show host and DJ Steve Shockley, who offered Pat and Doug to reboot their show on his network where they're licensed to play music.
Patrick and Henry discussed their visit to Willoughby Run the day before, and the Indian Burial Ground, known as the Battle of the Crows. Kat pointed out how many apparitions she was able to see during their outings. They'd not yet checked photos they'd taken, but they'd already acquired numerous EVPs.
Whilst they were speaking, the room lights tended to dim suddenly, and the figure was trying to get in, but the door was blocked.
The show raced by, considering how high the levels of humour maintained throughout. Tinamarie finished up the show, talking about her experiences with Kat, and the ghosts being just as respectful to them as they were to the ghosts.

23 April 2016 edition podcast

Now also available on iTunes
Hennry live at Mr. G's Ice Cream Parlour at the John Winebrenner House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
23 April 2016 edition, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
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