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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 24, 2015
Michael O. Varhola
With my finishing up shooting my scenes for the Everything indedendent feature film shoot in Missouri, Kat, who gave out the show's @Paraviewradio Twitter profile, and the show's by email, both/each of which she was monitoring, comprehensively introduced tonight's author guest, Michael O. Varhola.
Henry pointed out that when Michael had previously been a guest, what is now his current book, Ghosthunting San Antonio, Austin, and Texas Hill Country, was not yet completed.
They started out discussing the famous Alamo. Michael pointed out most of what's left was the chapel, hence it seeming to be small. Due to the lost expanse of the place, one has to take into account what's now a several block radius, including but not limited to the Menger Hotel, the Emily Morgan Hotel the Crockett Hotel Hotel Indigo, each and all of which were within the battlefield zone.
Michael spoke about Senator David Crockett (clarifying "Davey Crockett" was a Fess Parkerism from the 1960s). The Crockett Hotel is situated where he fell in the final battle, and burned on a pyre on the spot, on the orders of Santa Ana, in an effort to make sure there'd be no memorial to them via a proper burial site. Crockett's ghost is one of the most sighted ghosts.
Referring to his Texas Confidential: Sex, Scandal, Murder, and Mayhem in the Lone Star State book, he indicated those who escaped before the final attack. Kat asked about the six diablos, which Michael suspects may be some of the final fighters' ghosts. He added staying at a haunted hotel is great, as it provides access to paranormal investigating, having at least access to a room, and most of the hotel.
Kat asked after Mission Concepcion, which Michael concurs, many visitors forget that there's more than Just the Alamo. He also stated what led up to the Alamo seige.
Michael gave the history of folks hero Emily Morgan who was sent to infiltrate and seduce Santa Ana.
Michael described the hangings at the Old Bexar County Jail where, as Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan declared it as being sadistic, one could be condemned to hang at the county level, not the state level, and the gallows on the third floor was such that when your neck snapped, you were visible to visitors and prisoners on the second floor, "to keep morale up," as Michael sardonically added. Also, that via the local preservation society it is now a Holiday Inn Express with the facade of the original jail, being painted pink notwithstanding. He pointed out a few of the activity that has been reported there.
Just before the first break, Michael touched on Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.
CC asked, and Michael replied, regarding Geronimo being present in San Antonio, and his capture and detainment where what is now the Menger Hotel.
Henry almost stumped Michael, asking about the Driskill Hotel as it's in Austin, not San Antonio.
Kat asked about Comanche Lookout Park, which she found had similars to Ohio landmark Loveland Castle story to which she and Henry were very familiar.
After the second break CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Belgium, Haiti, and Unknown. CC asked about the Boerne Mansion, with physical activity, such as moving objects.
They discussed Victoria's Black Swan Inn, and the Alice Littlefield House.
Michael gave out his book's ghosthunting-san-antonio.blogspot site; he mentioned his traveling, as his ghost books are travel guides, he gave out his travel blog site; as Michael designs games, he provided two of his gamer sites: online gaming magazine and Skirmisher Publishing sites; and his Personal Blog, at, with links to his recent events, where he can list this webpage. Henry reminded Michael to give out information regarding America's Haunted Roadtrip book series site. Michael neglected to provide his Facebook page.
With me away, Kat gave out the show's @Paraviewradio on Twitter, that we can be contacted by email, the official Paranormal View page, and that previous shows are available on iTunes.
Kat did not give out her own @KatKlockow Twitter account, nor the show's Facebook community page her own author website, her Jinxed Comic site, which also has a @jinxedcomic Twitter page, nor referring to her upcoming appearance at Rhode Island Comic Con, the weekend of November 6th-8th at the Providence, Rhode Island convention center.
Kat also did not give out my website, on which being my Paranormal View hub page, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages and previous show archived podcasts, nor my @realbadger Twitter, nor my being on Facebook.
Henry announced that the next week would be the live broadcast from Antietam and they wrapped out.

24 October 2015 edition podcast

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24 October 2015 The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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