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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 20, 2015
Debbianne DeRose
Our guest tonight was Debbianne DeRose, humourist, and author of The MANifesting® Workbook, Adventures in Consciousness, How I Met the Man of My Dreams, Resistance is Feudal: Modernize your Mind, and Manifesting for Simpletons.
Henry started out indicating we'd most likely be focusing on her What I Did On My Midlife Crisis Vacation book. Debbieanne described the artificial urgency generally equated with mid-life crisis, as well as the definition towards Woo-Woo: the metaphysical, and intangible. She had been in the house-flipping business, so she had enough funds to travel and take numerous metaphysics workshops.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan brought up the Hans Christian Andersen tale of The Red Shoes.
Debbieanne clarified about cults and such, and how she avoids them. She spoke about the spiritualist community Cassadaga in Florida; she also discussed her meeting Montauk Project and Philadelphia Experiment survivor Duncan Alexander Cameron, as well as remote viewing and Nancy and Joseph McMoneagle.
We got into synchronity; I mentioned how scripts I've written suddenly can show up as movies or TV series with either the same storyline or close enough concept to render my work "useless." Kat conveyed the same issue, having created a character that suddenly showed up in two different graphic novel series, when there was no way any of them could have known about her work on the "same" concepts.
CC brought us back from the second break, conveying our having listeners in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Costa Rica, Latvia, and Unknown, and kicked in asking about the Law of Attraction, zeroing in on Debbieanne's How I Met the Man of My Dreams book.
She related that the next day, Robert Bingham would be doing his third annual UFO Summoning Event in MacArthur Park.
Debbieanne also discussed Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal. CC brought up Silva Mind Control visualizations.
Debbieanne wants to do a few more Monroe Institute programs, one called Timeline, as she has a few temporal places she's like to visit. Henry brought up possible time traveler Al Bielek.
She is working on her next/current book: YOU are a Spiritual Bad-Ass... Kicking Butt in the Earth Game.
Debbianne provided her official website, her Facebook profile, and Twitter, profiles, as well as her being on Pinterest. She has an email list via her site to which one can subscribe.
I gave out my Paranormal View hub page on my own official site, that the show is findable on Facebook, as am I, the show's official site, and my being on Twitter.
Kat gave out her site, and her jinxedcomic Facebook and jinxedcomic Twitter presences.
Henry tried to get CC to give out her Facebook information, and that next week our returning guest would be Thomas Freese, discussing his Haunted Battlefields of the South book.

June 20 2015 edition podcast.

Now also available on iTunes

What I Did On My
Midlife Crisis

Debbianne DeRose

The MANifesting®

Debbianne DeRose

How I Met the
Man of My Dreams:
A Guide to
MANifesting Yours

Debbianne DeRose

Resistance is Feudal:
Modernize your Mind
to Manifest like a Mofo!

Debbianne DeRose

Adventures in

Debbianne DeRose

Manifesting for
a 30-Day
Simple Guide
to Gettin'
the Goods

Debbianne DeRose
Debbianne DeRose June 20 2015 edition
Guest author Debbianne DeRose: June 20 2015 edition site created August 02, 2008

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