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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 07, 2015
Mike Stevenson
Our guest tonight was Mike Stevenson (perferring Mike to his actual given name: Herman), founder of The Paranormal Man Organization.
Having worked with John Sabol, we brought up the live broadcast at which John and our former cohost Craig Rupp, at which Mike was present.
Mike clarified and described what are EVPs and his own theories about what creates them.
We digressed momentarily regarding Nicola Tesla's Doomsday Machine, the plans for which the government stole after Tesla died; at first I thought he meant Telsa's Death Ray.
Mike went into detail about his investigative process and knowledge of how to determine an EVP being exactly that.
After the first break, Ceiling Cat Barbara reported out having listeners in the US, UK, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Australia, and Unknown.
Henry forward Cat Gash's question from the chat room about what EVP Mike may have caught at Antietam as she was also present at that event. Mike indicated one where a soldier was calling for his captain, asking if it was he. Mike felt this was a Class AA EVP as it was so clear, and the most profound EVP he feels he's ever caught.
He spoke about the haunted Gettysburg Orphanage at which he set up a camera set up on a yo-yo on a table, a light showing on the yo-yo. At one point a shadow entered the frame, blocking lit items beyond the yo-yo for a couple of frames.
Kat indicated how Patrick Burns records his audo with his Blackberry phone. Mike concurred that Whatever Works Best for the investigator.
He posited the distinction between mechanical communication (vocal cords, eardrums), and energy communication (flux energy on a psychic level). He added how he experiences a bit of psychometry himself.
Considering lightning is at the same frequency as what he finds to be EVP audio, he indicated the more ions the more communication, He's also charged a room with negative ions and succeeded in more EVPs.
After the second break, Mike discussed his use and experience with K2 meters.
Mike answered numerous chat-room derived questions from the chat-room. Kat followed this up about Ghost/Spirit Boxes and Ovulus devices. He's a little partial to the Ovulus. He spoke about his experiences at Hill View Manor, citing the third floor Nurse's Station being the most active spot in the former hospital. Outside with several others, his using the borrowed Ovulus he had was giving him specific verbal directions to find a specific spot of a desecrated grave, a function outside the device's capacity, as well as calling him by name several times.
Hemry had Mike speak of his investigation of the Eisenhower Farmhouse at Gettysburg, and General Lee's headquarters.
Mike gave our his group's website, his email, and the group's 443-326-8568 phone number.
I provided my my Paranormal Hub page on my website, the show's official website as well as its Facebook presence, and my own @realbadger Twitter account I urged listeners to Follow, while Kat conveyed her primary website, her Jinxed Comic Twitter account and her Jinxed site. Tonight we neglected to point out that the show is on Twitter at @Paraviewradio.
Henry indicated our guest the next week would be our Valentine's Day show, which I pointed out I'd have to miss as I'd be attending the 26th Gallifrey One.

07 February 2015 edition podcast

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The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 07 February 2015 edition, with guest Mike Stevenson.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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