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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday June 11, 2011
John Sabol, et al
Our show tonight was a Live Broadcast from Antietam with John Sabol and our own Craig Rupp on site.
Craig overcame some connection issues but Henry got him connected; Craig described that John Sabol was off explaining to about eleven investigators as to how the excavation would be done, etc. John notified Craig the men would speak first, then the women. Craig relayed it was quite hot there, not raining (as earlier in the day my brother told me it was raining in northern New Jersey).
Craig put it on speaker, and John spoke with Henry and me (screamed, actually) that there was Already Activity going on.
Henry had me notify the chat room that we were Starting Up the show...
We discussed that apparently there's an Internet block (not just lack of signal). Henry also spoke of doing a Friday night investigation in Lebanon.
Craig brought in Bigg Jim Jones "with big news:" Jim conveyed some Shadow People were following people around, a lot of off-the-charts EMF readings, etc. Craig had expert John (shoutingly) explain the history of the place, and the defense of the bridge against the Union aggressors: 26,000 casualies the one single day (killed, injured and missing in action). John said how when doing something of a roll call, they got the response, "Present!"
Craig said how the south called it Antietam while the north called it Sharpsburg [Maryland]. The north tended to name battles after the nearest town, while the south named battles after nearby rivers.
Mike Stevenson came up next with Joe; the two were up on 11th Ct. hill where Joe reported feeling something on his back; Mike's full-spectrum caught a large "energy ball" on his back, and Mike snapped a photo of it, so everyone was impressed how Active the area was already almost before they weres starting.
Craig brought on Kat Gash, who'd been there a few times, but the first time excavation/investigation. From the Burnside Bridge as they were calculating where to places their cameras, they sensed Something Following Them until they left the field.
John came over, laughingly shrieking about Craig re-enacting one of the officers (Griswald), who was killed in the battle. They'd have the 11th Ct. assault, using a recorder with a delay that'd indicate Something Else was recorded. They'd also replicate the experiment with roll call to see if they can get the same EVP. John rattled off other background of the event... a bit faster than even I can type...
John's technique of re-enacting overcomes the often common use of EVP work, that could be considered Provoking, which John considers disrespectful. By re-enacting, they generally acquire from the ghosts standard soldier reactions and responses.
Christine came on, conveying they will have her playing Pat Davis a Sharpsburg native.
As I made a joke to Henry about 26,000 casualties due to not having exact change, John didn't hear the joke aspect and clarifying more details as to what happened...
Henry asked after the C.A.S.P.E.R. (Center for the Archaeological Studies of Presence Ethnographic Resonance) website, when Mary Becker suddenly came on relating working on the website.
Back from the first break, Craig reported it was then pouring rain. John in the background joked that bathing suits would not be contextual... As those there were laughing, I couldn't help pointing out with the women there... well... there are a lot of soldier ghosts...
Natalie came on, reporting she would be playing Mary Mitchell, describing the battle as a young girl.
Henry stated our around-the-world listeners included US, Australia, UK, Kuwait (!) and Finland.
Craig brought on Joe up on the ridge, they could hear what sounded like a train going by, on tracks, but if there ever was a train, there are no tracks there now.
John came on, authoritatively declaring once the re-enacting starts, it'd become very very serious; they were having fun at the time due to the rain and such. Once the rain stops, it becomes deathly serious, due to their dedication to the project/s. John also clarified this isn't technically a re-enactment, as that is a total immersion into the event, while this Performance Ethnography would be able to be flexible when evidence begins to manifest itself. John had a list and even some photos of those of the 11th Ct. who died.
Craig introduced Don Francis, who'd be playing Colonel Henry of the 11th Ct., who took multiple gunshot wounds before dying.
Bigg Jim relayed that he'd be portraying Lt. Colonel Holmes, who died; upon which John Sabol came on to indicate that Holmes is still there: buried on site next to the bridge.
This was not one o'those editions in which I could get much of a word in edgewise. They had mentioned a park ranger disallowing any sort of actual gun-fire, even blanks, etc., and that as the rain was clearing up quickly, they would start right either after we went to break or once we came back from the break. After a bit I asked whether the park ranger kicked out any area ghosts firing their guns....
I took us out into break, which was generally Patty Lyman's Spotlight Report, second part of her interview with Alan Cox of the para-x show Understanding Spirits.
When we came back, Craig joshed with Henry and me for a couple of minutes while he and Bigg Jim Jones were sitting on actual graves while the crew were getting in place the cameras. After reporting smelling wet wool (a good sign, it was thought), Bigg Jim departed as Henry and I joked with Craig about, when his role as Griswald dies, he'll be in water... where there easily this time of year could have (quite venomous) water mocassin snakes. We also heard a few high pitched feedback-like beeps we could not explain.
John returned and took the phone while Craig was sent to retrieve and set up some camera equipment. John brought on the ladies, who also saw a non-team figure carrying a lantern; Sally had reported having seen some sort of bright orange lights at the treeline, like gun fire.
Even whilst speaking to us, John watched as a Shadow Person walked across the bridge about twenty feet from him; a few minutes later another unidentified figure wandered about with a lantern could be seen across the bridge.
Mike returned, getting set up for his confederate set up, as John crossed the bridge to make sure the cameras were set up, and he described in what order the scenario/s would be performed. John was ecstatic at how full and clear was the full moon as he got ready.
Another Shadow just crossed the road in front John and someone else; John called out to them in soldier mode. Henry almost gaffed that it was "provoking," but John clarified it was just performing as a higher ranking officer would.
Movement at the treeline had John head that way to investigate. He and a woman could see "all kind of" movement in the woods. John called out for a specific corporal while the Shadow People moved about.
The scenario began, and it was becoming obvous Questions even from the chat room might be a distraction.
Craig's scenario began, as John described Craig going into the water, up to his shoulders as he "waded" across. The exuberant John called after Craig. After a long silence I pondered that it looked like we'd be searching for a third co-host...
Apparently some light anomalies were witnessed near Craig, which John indicated as contextual. Craig was described as half in and out of the water, with visible light anomalies about him.
Ironically enough, Henry noticed the show's time was up. He quickly related out next week's guest Debbie Perkins of M.E.P.: Maine Extreme Paranormal Investigations and Research Team and USA Paranormal Radio Show, while John kept trying to find out of Craig was okay. I was comically almost disappointed they managed to get Craig to shout goodnight from the small river, as I joked we almost had outselves a Cliffhanger episode...
Once off air, Henry told me how the following Friday June 17th, he'd be doing a live broadcast on PXV (Para-X Vision) at the Warren County Historical Museum and possibly the Glendower Mansion through the Spiritual Hope Society.

June 11 edition podcast
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C.A.S.P.E.R.: Center for the Archaeological Studies of Presence Ethnographic Resonance
John Sabol and Mary Becker
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C.A.S.P.E.R.: Center for the Archaeological Studies of Presence Ethnographic Resonance
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