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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 29, 2014
Thanksigiving/holiday show...
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan wasn't available tonight (working on a student film, but it was somewhat vague as to precisely in what capacity). So it was just Henry, Kat and I, sans guest as well. Henry asked me to Do A Character with some sort of Christmas Update report, vague enough I wasn't sure what to
We started with our All New Opening that Steve Shockley put together for us. The "updated" opnions-disclaimer sounded liked it was phoned in. It may have been my headset, but the new opening sound somewhat muddy.
As best she could (as a family health crisis took up much of her time this week), Kat discussed the early Native American culture.
Suddenly I fell out of the call, but it wasn't just me. The chat room began reporting audio/show loss, and what audio came up was looping.
Henry reported there having been 45 million turkeys cooked for Thanksgiving day.
Kat related Plymouth stories, starting with Miles Standish State Park not to be confused with the version of the historical figure on the recent CW Salem TV series. She spoke about the senseless murder of Ruth Masters was killed in the park, and the case went unsolved for decades. Kat went on, rather rapidly, about the probable murderer and other crimes involved.
After the first break, Henry asked about how turkey became the "food of choice," as it were, as Thanksgiving meal.
I was asked about how My Week went, so I spoke about my recent work on a comical YouTube video, three versions of which would be released in the next few days, on Taryn's YouTube Channel would air one version, while Rebecca's Channel would air a second version, and Jason's Channel would air the third version. I assured the listeners the links would be posted on my @realbadger Twitter page, and at my Facebook Career Progress Group before it went onto my regular Facebook page.
Henry spoke about all sorts o'Different Thanksgiving foods.
Kat managed to find a story about a Thanksgiving ghost residual haunting. Apparently Folsom Prison, has the patroling ghost of Charles Giles, a guard who died of a heart attack during a 1927 prison riot, while guard Ray Singleton was actually killed during the same riot.
During the second break, I fell out of the call again. When I came back on, Kat was talking about an entity or two haunting a Plymouth factory.
From the chat room we were asked by Nyla if any of us had experienced anything paranormal on Thanksgiving. Kat relayed a story of a passed relation visiting; I had nothing.
Kat spoke about bringing her dog Mickey to Poasttown Elementary School but there was no official reaction. They did reach a spot at which both of them Stopped as though they both Knew not to continued. Her other dog Wheatley did sense her bringing out an entity "hitchhiker" from an event she'd attended. For the next few nights Wheatley would wake her at 3am, the third night of which Kat got up and walked into the icky spiderweb like sensation of an entity. She ordered the entity out and there was no further issues. Kat also pointed out their having a ghost cat in her 170+ year old house that makes itself known. It first showed as a feline apparition, walked past Kat and the pantry door and went up the stairs. Her rabbits can see the ghost cat and they freak out. An elderly previous tenant of the house has also been spotted (also freaking out the rabbits).
Henry spoke about his male cat reacting to Stuff more than the female cat. He added having spoken to Thomas Freese regarding his Haunted Battlefields of the South book, and that Thomas would be a returning guest eventually. Henry's planning on visiting the site at which there'd been a two-day battle. There's also a bed and Breakfast there called the Maple Hill B&B that previously was used as a field hospital. He added having "Robert and his wife" as guests eventually in a very haunted home which Henry has investigated. Also upcoming would be Maria Celeste of the Center for Creative Healing.
Kat discussed her @SaveOurGhosts project, both on Facebook, and Twitter, preserving haunted landmarks, particularly from vandalism.
I provided my website's Paranormal View hub page at which one can find the show's respective report pages, and that we're very findable on Facebook, et al.
Kat gave out most of her information, such as that the show now has Twitter presence @Paraviewradio, and her new @SaveOurGhosts page, and her website, though not so much her other @jinxedcomic Twitter account, her Facebook fan page, her Hunt For Ghosts site, or her Miss Grey graphic novel page.

November 29 2014 edition podcast.
Now also available on iTunes
Haunted Places
29 November 2014 edition of The Paranormal View.

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