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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday November 01, 2014
Haunted Places
With our scheduled guest Misty Medley nearly last-minute bailing on us, the hosts discussed various Haunted Places.
Kat started out talking about her local Halloween Trick or Treaters, as well as attending Paracon the previous weekend.
Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan spoke about the Magic Castle, and the Hotel Utah each with their own shanghai tunnels. In the chat room asked about the "Satanic"-now-duplux , CC indicated being at 2131 Fulton Street, As we were dealing with the Bay Area, also discussed was the history of Alcatraz.
Nyla in the chat room asked if any of us had ever had premonitions that'd come true. While the audio began getting really Kat discussed one of her experiences.
The audio issues were not just my headsets: the chat room clarified the audio was cutting in and out. Rebooting was not an option, CC indicated, so we had to pummel through. At least they could hear the audio of the promos during the break.
From the first break, CC reported our having listeners in Canada, the US, the UK, and Haiti.
Henry brought up some of the local to him haunting Hickory Flat Cemetary, about which Kat only recently learned. Henry also spoke of a house on Kennel Road that was said to be haunted. He mentioned Poasttown Elementary School and Middletown and Franklin with places about which he knows, though most of which are private domiciles.
One of the chat room brought up the November 21-23 Chicago Ghost Conference at the apparently haunted Carl Schurz High School. Kat has been to previous conferences, and enjoyed it.
Henry asked about some of my local haunted places; I mentioned experiences I'd had at the Queen Mary and the EVP I got there. Linda Vista Hospital, where on which I'd also worked on a music video called Rumor Mill with Maria Olsen.
With the system having an issue with CC's call, Henry had Kat talk about some of her favourite haunts, such as Hillview Manor, where she saw the Shadow Nurse. Kat also spoke of the Stanley Hotel.
Kat and I went into detail on how she loathes horror films, while I love them.
After the second break, Kat relayed how Wheatley escaped his dog crate and leapt on them on the bed,
I indicated how I'd love to visit Wavery Hills, Poasttown Elementary, Ryan's Tavern, and Mansfield Reformatory.
CC would love to visit Heart Island in New York.
Henry said he'd like to visit Trans Allegeny Insane Asylum in West Virginia.
Kat said she'd love to visit Old Pittsfield Hospital and, as CC had brought it up, Heart Island as well. CC mentioned the multiple used Boldt Castle.
I mentioned if I get back to the east coast, I'd try to check out Ringwood Manor. I asked about Nelson Ledges.
Kat discussed her @SaveOurGhosts project, both on Facebook, and Twitter, preserving haunted landmarks, particularly from vandalism.
Henry conveyed that the next week our guest would be Randy Russell, author of haunted southern hospitals titled The Ghost Will See You Now.
I provided my website's Paranormal View hub page at which one can find the show's respective report pages, and that we're very findable on Facebook, et al.
Kat gave out most of her information, such as that the show now has Twitter presence @Paraviewradio, and her new @SaveOurGhosts page, and her website, though not so much her other @jinxedcomic Twitter account, her Facebook fan page, her Hunt For Ghosts site, or her Miss Grey graphic novel page.

November 01 edition podcast.
Now also available on iTunes
Haunted Places
01 November 2014 edition of The Paranormal View.

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