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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 11, 2014
Deborah Moffitt
Tonight's we had Deborah Moffitt of A Deadly Haunting. Deborah started out that she was involved in Rancho Cucamonga. The events shifted around varied family home locations, in 1987. Apparently their caregiver Juanita, using Santaria, inadvertantly opened a Portal that allowed a demonic entity to enter our world.
The woman called Deborah's future husband for help; on arriving a ball of energy pursuing her, striking her in the head, and sailing upwards and vanishing. She warned the family never to return to the house, and she went to ground, never to be seen again. Investigators found Santaria paraphenalia, realizing somehow the magick had created an doorway for Something.
Objects from a renter of part of the house began to teleport to their other house. A locked room with Deborah's husband contained baseball memorabilia; the bobble heads were arranged onto the floor into a triangle. Soon the renter simply said he Had To Leave, and was gone within 48 hours. In cleaning up to re-rent, they found knick knacks all of which were turned to face to the wall.
While Something was sensed, it did not seem malevolent. It was odd, but did not seem evil. Objects moved, but only when one turned one's back.
They rented it out to a couple, with some Activity in their own house. The woman renter Michelle started out friendly, then began to hide, then revealed since moving in the boyfriend Tom had begun abusing her. Eventully Tom said Michelle had left him, then declared he was leaving. When Deborah and her husband went in to clean, they found the place spotless, bleached clean. Weeks later Deb learned Michelle's beaten body had been found in a landfill. Deborah's husband indicated finding no news about a landfill found body, so they kept it to themselves.
A new renter came in, started out really nice, but began to go dark, even planting trees n the year, but planting them upside down. This one died of congestive heart failure.
Things had had happened with Deborah and her husband at their place wasn't unpleasant, but they moved to another house just to move. The last day there, as they handled the last box, a commotion in the kitchen where they found all the cupboard doors torn off. Another crash led them to the bedroom where all the windows had been shattered.
At the new house, the in-laws were thrilled they were away from the haunted place, Deborah and her husband taking the downstairs bedroom. Three weeks later, they found one of the wall pictures turned to the wall. Then, Deborah's in-law was savagely kicked, and pebbles raind down on them, causing them to flee into the new house.
From there it progressed: objects moving, terrorizing Deborah's mother-in-law. In soap on the mirror were the words, "Talk to me." They erased it, but after a few minutes new words had been written: "No escape." Pretending to be the mother-in-law, eventually new messages were left, such as warning against going into the attic. When they began to doubt it was mother-in-law Lee's mother, it became angry and malevolent.
They brought a priest to bless the house, but he refused to enter beyond the foyer, claiming the house was blessed, and he literally fled.
CC reported tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Australia, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica.
The in-laws were controlling enough, particularly the father, that they felt isolated. It became clear the entity was following them, so it wasn't the property. They return from dinner and find the waitress's name plate at home on the table. After visiting one fellow, they came home to find the man's wallet on the table. Even during shopping, knives would be at the bottom of the filled shopping cart.
The entity began to hide knives such that Lee would be injured, through chair and bed cushions.
They brought investigators from all over the countries, but the entity enjoyed rating their failures. It was also able to communicated in almost any language it needed.
At one point they brought in shamen, who went upstairs and did a ritual. The man realized the entity was in the attic. They blew smoke up, but it was blown back at them. Realizing they had to go to the attic, they demanded it show itself. Deborah witnessed as well the pink attic insulation was pulled down and formed itself into a large head. They managed to drive it into the family dog. This lasted for about three months during which there was no activity, but the dog became sick, and once it passed, the enraged entiry returned with a vengeance.
The activity increased until Deborah confronted the entity demanding the family members be left alone. The entity wrote on the mirror it would leave alone all but Lee, who belonged to him due to a past life. In the 1600s in a monestary, Lee was to be sacrificied to him, but she had escaped. It was the same entity.
Lorraine and Ed Warren came on the scene, deducing this was an ancient entity. They were able to procure a local priest, but the entity had begun to possess the father-in-law, who refused to let the priest enter. Not allowing the family to help themselves, were unable to do anthing more.
Evelyn was brought in, who suggested someone was permitting it to stay. She did a ritual later at her own place, during which the father-in-law began to choke and gag, then fell back asleep. It became obvious it was the father-in-law was the Permitter, as his wife's death would grant him access to her money.
Eventually the father-in-law was thrown out, and he eventually passed. Deborah's mother-in-law passed from congestive heart failure in 2010. The entity went when someone staying with Deborah and her husband offered to give the Entity permission to go with him. At first reticent, the Entity accepted; Deborah stayed in contact with the friend, who moved to England, and the Entity would still carve symbols into the walls. For twenty-five years the house has had zero paranormal activity.
Deborah discussed how the Joie Albrecht book A Deadly Haunting came to be.
Deborah gave out the A Deadly Haunting website information.
Lillee Allee of the para-x show Happy Mediums.
I provided my website's Paranormal View hub page at which one can find the show's respective report pages, and that we're very findable on Facebook, page.
Kat gave out most of her information, such as her new @jinxedcomic Twitter, website, her Facebook fan page, her Hunt For Ghosts site, her Miss Grey graphic novel page, and that the show now has presence on Twitter: @Paraviewradio.

October 11 edition podcast. A Deadly Haunting

Joie Albrecht
Talk to me
Talk To Me message
No Escape
No Escape message
Entity's signature triangle symbol
Entity's signature symbol
Wall knife
Knives would appear
Deborah Moffitt
Deborah Moffitt 11 October 2014 guest on The Paranormal View.

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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