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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 18, 2014
Maria Celeste
Tonight's guest was Maria Celeste of the Center for Creative Healing™. As she previously worked with management consulting division of Price Waterhouse, was able to avoid the obviously word-play joke on her name, and just made a quip about the upcoming Academy Awards. Later in the show, Kat made the mispronunciation of her given name "for" me, as it were.
Maria pointed out that as we're always find New Crystals, there's currently no way to know how many there are. She indicated with via the law of resonance as to how what minerals affect what body, as everything has a vibration and frequency. Kat indicated Lapis Lazuli being a jack of all trades sort of stone.
Sherri asked from the chat room if talking to stones, as Maria does, is similar to Crystal Skulls, about which we discussed regarding the wisdom they can impart. Maria had not been "into" Crystal Skulls until she fell in with the Vogels.
Regarding the stone she uses or wears the most, when Maria travels, she always has Black Tourmaline on her wrist, which trasmutes negativity. She also wears Hematite for grounding (that and also for grounding: chocolate).
CC brought up that ground-up Hematite could be sprinkled over a threshold for protection. Maria uses Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline around her property lines for protection. She added that when his husband was in hospital for a heart valve replacement, she placed Rose Quartz about in his room. Anyone coming in to check on his had to hold some Rose Quartz with which to bring in the loving energy. She also played calming music in his room, and people would come in and Feel So Nice in there.
CC reported our having listeners tonight in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France and Germany.
Henry asked what was the Most Unusual Crystal. Maria indicated some of the rarest ones such as Phenakite (opening third eye and opening to the paranormal), Kunzite (very intense stone for heart-connection). Moldavite is a high frequency, being from meteorites.
Chalcedony works with vibration raising.
It's rather obvious how much was discussed on all manner of crystals and gems, and the podcast gets into even more detail that here.
Maria is working towards probably attending Good Journeys Expo at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds, 2003 Pleasant Street, Noblesville, Indiana March 23-23, run by founders Jeffrey Poe and Mary Bannon-Poe [Good Journeys on Facebook].
Maria gave out her website and her email, and that she's available for healings and mediumship.
I provided the show's various page locations, including but not limited to my hub page, the show's official site page, that we're findable on Facebook, et al; Kat gave out her Graphic Novel Facebook page, and while this week she neglected to remind everyone that the next week she would be attending Ohayocon anime and manga convention, January 24th-26th in Columbus, Ohio, she did convey her website on which is her graphic novel, and the show wrapped out.

January 18 2014 edition podcast
Maria Celeste
Maria Celeste, M.S., Director of the New England School of Metaphysics.
09 July 2016 edition
09 July 2016 edition

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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