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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 12, 2013
Jamie Pearce
Henry started out, indicating my being on location, hence my absence from tonight's edition, and reported having captured a few EVPs that had been caught during the previous week's edition of the show when Henry and Kat broadcast live from and later investigated at the Bell Nursing Home, and that those EVPs would be played at a later date.
Barbara introduced for the evening guest author Jamie Pearce, founder of Historic Haunts Investigations and author of Historic Haunts Florida. and Historic Haunts of the South (her follow up Historic Haunts of the South 2 being written as of this date). She founded City Haunts LLC, which hosts Charlotte Ghost Tours there in North Carolina.
Jamie spoke of her first experience, that at five years old after the family had moved into a new house, she awoke to see an elderly lady standing over her, gently tucking her in, then vanishing. Thankfully her mother was open-minded and didn't dismiss the experience out of hand. Geneology research revealed substantial Sensitivity through the females through her mother's side of the family.
She founded the North Carolina Ghost Tour as a friend had a bus company, and there was no Riding Tour/s up there, so it was almost more of an experiment at first, which was successful as the bus negates Charlotte's extreme weather, and therefore is year-round.
As Jamie currently lives in Florida, they joked about the Fountain of Youth, Jamie for a time living near the reputed legendary site.
Jamie spoke about her experiences at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and the various hauntings there, including but not limited to three children who died playing with a railed brick trolly.
(At the delayed USC shoot, I tried tuning in to the show but my Smart Phone won't access the show live via its regular para-x site, but a search revealed an app called TuneIn Radio, through which I was able to hear the show live through my phone from without the para-x environment, and I was able to hear the show from when Jamie began discussing seeing faces in orbs at the lighthouse [though via one's computer, going to the show brings up its previous archived podcast; to hear the show live during its broadcast, download the TuneIn app].)
Once as Jamie walked by the famous gallows, she heard its trapdoor drop, even though it hadn't actually done so.
In the Lighthouse she was with a cameraman doing some b-roll for a TV show, and the two of them heard footsteps from above, when no one else was there but the two of them, and they did check that no one was there. She spoke of different apparitions that have been sighted, as well as a grey lighthouse ghost cat named Smokey.
Jamie was asked as to what off-tour haunted sites about which she might know she could recommend. The Mission de Nombre has a spectral nun often seen during the day. There's also the St. Augustine National Cemetery at which people have seen full body apparitions at night. Jamie once witnessed there the two flags on different poles flying in two different directions: one flag blowing east, the other blowing west... despite the actual wind coming in from the north at the time. As it is, Jamie pointed out, there are countless unmarked cemeteries in St. Augustine. She spoke of A1A Aleworks built over a cemetery in the 1880s, which often after hours has some activity, such as by a ghostly bride who fell down the stairs.
On St. George Street is another hidden cemetery, which is now a car park.
HeySue in the chat room asked about a ghost cat in a cemetery, but as there are at least six St. Augustine cemeteries, Jamie wasn't sure to which one was being referenced, also having previously not heard of a ghostly cat associated with any of the cemeteries.
Henry asked about the St. Augustine Fort. Once during an investigation, at the execution wall, the K2 meter was going off the scale and Jamie felt pain in her wrist. One of the investigators was a doctor and saw her wrist being red, as though she had been shackled, cutting into her flesh.
They jumped a bit on the topic of pirates, after the first break Kat conveying an Ohio John Robinson pirate legend set near Columbus, from the book Weird Ohio, during the reading of which when Kat came to stating the castle was uninhabited [empty], she accidentally read it as uninhibited [party time!]. Even more amusing, no one mentioned the gaffe...
Having lived in Daytona for a time, Henry asked if Jamie knew anything about the Tomoka Lights (she hadn't; Kat indicated their also being known as the Ormond Lights).
Barbara moved the subject to south Florida to one of my favourite paranormal celebrities: the one and only Robert the Doll. Jamie told some of Robert's history, having been given to artist Robert Eugene Otto who kept the doll throughout his life, and blamed the doll Robert for things that went wrong. After Otto died, the creeped out people locked Robert in the turret room; from the sidewalk kids would see Robert moving; workmen would hear small feet running about above in the locked turret room, etc. Sometimes on looking in Robert would be in his chair, but later he'd be elsewhere in the room.
Now in the museum, one time after Jamie had asked Robert's permission for photography, later in the day she and her group returned and found his position had moved from earlier.
Henry played the famous Marla Brooks EVP she caught during an edition of her show, without even realizing it; by phone she was interviewing the museum curator in the museum after hours, and one can clearly hear a male voice calling out the name Robert and a few other unintelligible words. The chat room at the time all heard this, but Marla and her (living) guest did not hear it at the time themselves.
Many museum visitors have experienced bad luck either having taken photos of Robert without his permission/without asking, or disrespecting him. Understandably, Robert has more fans than detractors.
As with asking permission of Robert for photography, Jamie spoke of she and her mother visiting Lizzie Bordon's grave, asking permission to photograph the headstone, and she could feel a hand rest on her shoulder. She brought her mother to the gravesite, and her mom ask permission, at which point her mom felt the ghostly hand touching her shoulder.
They spoke about the Hemingway house and the ghost cats as well, mentioning the book Hemingway's Cats by Carlene Brennen.
On being asked of the most haunted place in each of her books, the Myrtles is high up there; she'd set up the equipment, and went to bed, and an hour or so later she awoke to the blankets way up to her chin. The cameras were all off, so she thanked Miss Chloe again, and later awoke again with the blankets tucked to her chin... and all the cameras had again been switched off. She reset everything again, a third time the blankets were tucked up, and all the cameras were switched off so she surrendered to it.
She also ranked the mansion on the accursed Jekyll Island to be extremely haunted.
From the first book, the St. Augustine Lighthouse, but also the haunted hearses they'd used on their own ghost tours caught EVPs and full body apparitions.
After the second break Jamie spoke of the various apparitions she's seen throughout her life, including but not limited to one of her late cats, the feline ghost of which convinced Jamie's husband of the paranormal.
Jamie spoke of the varied ghost locations of Key West, most of which she's visited but few of which she's had the official opportunity to investigate.
Barbara reported tonight our having listeners in the US, the UK, Australia, France and Canada.
As to the most haunted hotel or B&B, Jamie indicated the Jekyll Island mansion. The day crew was interviewed, and knowing they'd be investigating through the night they took a nap. Just as they began to doze off the locked balcony door suddenly swung open, shattering their sleep. Not surprisingly, there was no one outside nor was there any wind. Knowing now the room was haunted, they quickly set up "a trap:" aware this room's ghost had a perchance of drinking one's coffee and organizing papers, after brewing some coffee and scattering newspapers, Jamie and her husband went to have dinner. On their return the filled coffee was half emptied. The video camera caught that the cup was untouched, but having left home their tripod the camera did not show the coffee actually disappearing from the cup.
There is talk of a ghostly party one hears in the courtyard but on reaching the courtyard suddenly the party sounds come from a balcony, one merely hears it Off In The Distance. They did hear something but felt, as there were guests at the hotel, it most likely was just audio contamination.
One of the hotel's buildings looks straight out of a Vincent Price horror movie. Renovations never get completed as workmen are constantly scared away. Due to unsafe conditions inside no one is allowed in, but they set up just outside. They got responses, and as they were readying to leave, a Shadow Person peered at them from around the steps. She ran over but it was gone; it reappeared but even circling the building it wasn't there.
Jamie spoke about the "unofficial" ghosts at Disneyland. She can't include them in her book, as Disney won't provide permission, insisting the only ghosts are in their Haunted Mansion. Anonymous cast members have reported about George ghost in the Pirates of Caribean attraction, a murder in one of the Disney hotels, that Walt Disney has been sighted walking down Main Street. Jamie also told of some security footage taken at a Disney park of a spectral figure walking about the park after hours. Kat indicated having seen the ghosts riding the Tower of Terror video (with the world's least enthusiastic maintenance worker), one pops up for a Don't Blink moment behind him at time-stamp 0:27, then a few seats down in the same row slowly becoming noticeable at 1:23 and then more so as flashing lights begin to hit it. Jamie had only been aware of the Tower of Terror maintenance worker ghost.
CC asked as to where Jamie has not yet investigated but where she'd liked to; Jamie didn't hesitate she'd love to investigate Tarrytown New York: Sleepy Hollow; also the Hotel Coronado in San Diego and the Hotel Knickerbocker in Hollywood, what with Marilyn Monroe being one of Jamie's favourite actresses. Also, Chillingham Castle in North Umberland, England.
Jamie obliged with Kat inquiry about the Hotel Monteleone, speaking of the ghosts in that New Orleans location, including but not limited to the Streaking Ghost.
Paul in the chat room asked about the Biltmore Mansion in North Carolina. Visiting there for a 6th grade field trip, Jamie saw a full body apparition watching them. She asked the tour guide about it, to which the tour guide asked, "Do you see him?" On telling him she could, the guide curtly replied, "We're not allowed to talk about it..." Jamie also added that that location would be in her third book.
Henry spoke of the former Wilmington Chamber of Commerce building, as well as the 1832 Port Orange Historic Sugar Mill Gardens.
Jamie conveyed an experience she had at Riverview Hotel, when the bathroom door opened and invisible footsteps entered the bathroom while she was showering.
From the chat room she was asked how does she select locations about which to write. Jamie chose sites she'd investigated and/or of which she was aware and checked out. She clarified for Kat that she's a Sensitive, and that she'd done an event with Chip Coffee and did an investigation with him. She began to experience empathetic pains, wondering if anyone had died of tuberculosis there; Chip pointed out the death from from the croop. Even at age seven when visiting Colonial Williamsburg, she Knew where (and what) everything was.
Her upcoming book, as of this date in the writing stage, Historic Haunts of the South 2 was touched on.
Jamie asked Kat, CC and Henry how they respectively got into the paranormal.
Jamie gave out her website and Facebook pages, and her email.
I was not available to provide my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, so Henry amusingly checked to see if CC could give out as much as she could, stating my site name without clarifying any of the spelling (so new listeners might think to check, which probably is still easier than trying to spell out jeffgü
Kat conveyed her website and Facebook information.
Henry pointed out that the next week the show would be broadcast live from Dayton Lane.

October 12 2013 edition podcast

Historic Haunts of the South
by Jamie Pearce

Historic Haunts Florida
by Jamie Roush [Pearce]
City Haunts Ghost Tour
Charlotte Haunts
Author Jamie Pearce
Author Jamie Pearce of Historic Haunts Florida and Historic Haunts of the South
12 October 2013 guest on The Paranormal View

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