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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 31, 2013
Return to Ryan's Tavern
Tonight was a live broadcast from the active Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton, Ohio, from which Henry and Kat had done a live broadcast of the show twelve months earlier.
Less than thirty seconds into the show, I thought Skype dropped me from the call, but it was far more sudden. I'd quickly learn from Kat in the chat room that in fact Henry's laptop had crashed. Henry rebooted and CC started recording from there.
I asked if it was being live-streamed like last year, and Henry said no.
Kat retrieved bar manager Tully, who spoke of public experiences as well as staff experiences. On the second floor had been a wedding shower of 25 women, but when they later check the photo they found a 26th lady. There was a nine person 1983 Hamilton High School reunion recently, in one of the photos shows one of the ladies covered in orbs, and behind her was another woman who was not visible in the room at the time.
Tully stressed when the workers do after-hours clean-up, they work in groups, but sometimes activity can be so pronounced they Just Leave rather hastily, sometimes without even turning on the alarm. They tend to have a high turn-over rate when it comes with workers; they even have the information disclosed on the application and it's discussed during the interview process.
Only once had he felt threatened; he had some friends at the bar, when one of the stool flew away and crashed. Generally wheeled-trays will move, drinks will slide across tables or the bar.
He told about how the elevator will open on its own when Tully is headed to it and has his hands full, but he has to Not Be Thinking About It happening. Apparently earlier this evening when TriOps was setting up, the elevator was Doing Some Things already.
They discussed about how usually each night around 10:45-11pm there some big single bang that has always gone unexplained.
Henry knew that at one time an adjoining building had at one time be an opera house. Tully indicated no reports of activity there, but that the Butler County Records Office Butler County Records Office two buildings over has activity all the time at 3rd and Court.
Tully said how people living across the street can see activity, such as people on the third floor, which aren't "really" there.
Then Henry's system crashed again.
Then the instant Henry went to dial me, a friend asked to be Skype-added, which knocked out the Skype Accept/Decline option, and all it was doing was ringing and ringing and ringing, with no way to accept Henry's call... I had to reboot my entire phone to convince it to hang up.
When we got back on the air, they had tavern owner (and former Hamilton Mayor), Don Ryan as a guest, speaking how when they took ownership they gutted the place top to bottom, Releasing whatever may have been "resting" there. They hold limited-ticket Ghost Tours each Sunday in October. He spoke about his wife Vicky having had experiences early on during the renovation process. Don also went into detail of the economic improvements of Hamilton, such as the lofts across the street, which have also have been experiencing activity.
Most of Don's experiences often have been during ghost tours and investigations. He spoke about ob
Don started to convey information on the Witch's Ball event, only to have the internet connection drop. As they struggled to get back on, I was notified that TriOps was live-streaming, but my computer's memory was such I couldn't get to it, though I could have done frame-grabbing earlier on had I known.
They then interviewed Brad Van Oss Executive Vice President of TriOPs, et al. He'd investigated a mansion and showed the evidents to TriOps and were brought on board. He did a shout-out for Ryan's, which it proved to him the existence of the paranormal. He was believer within 45 minutes of his first investigation there; full Shadow Figures walking towards him, being touched, etc.
Brad told me the Live Stream was being recorded and viewable.
Brad said how the previous year the Dayton Lane Ghost Walk had had over a thousand participants. This year they would be open to some of the local haunted October 19th including but not limited to the Benninghoffen home Brad had investigated the Elijah Morgan Farm/Mansion in Fairfield Ohio. Brad spoke of the Doty Homestead in Oxford Township, which has the famous Lady With The Black Scarf.
He spoke of their working towards rental-able, a la Waverly Hills, but how gate-keepers often would just hang up on him/them.
Brad spoke of the infamous late-night Bang, and even with all the power off it still goes off nightly.
Before Brad's time with TriOps, local cops knew of the Activity, and recommended TriOps to Don. It was soon deduced that some money could be earned to capitalize on the frequent, near constant activity.
He spoke about how their group's psychic medium Tiffany doing a reading for his wife for a surprise party; a photo showed a "protection orb" surrounding his daughter.
With a few seconds left, I raced to convey the show's various page locations (my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook, et al); Kat gave out her website and we wrapped out.

31 August 2013 edition podcast
Henry and Kat at Ryan's Tavern Video
Ryan's Tavern
Ryan's Tavern
Ryan's Tavern owner Don Ryan
Don Ryan, owner of Ryan's Tavern being interview by Henry and Kat.
Brad of TriOps
Brad of TriOps being interview by Henry and Kat.
Henry and Kat live from Ryan's Tavern

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