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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 23, 2012
Dr. Rita Louise
(One of those editions where my audio sounds like I'm on an analog phone being called from within a dumpster; no one pointed this out, so my attempts at either questions and/or riffs, tended to get overrun...)
Tonight's guest was four-time author Dr. Rita Louise, whose parents provided allowance for book-reading as opposed to chores, and as she wanted to be an archeologist, at least until she learned that to succeed in archeology, she would need a doctorate, that seemed like A Lot Of Work at 17 years old. At the time she would watch mentalist Amazing Kreskin, on TV, and got to meet him in 1973 at an appearance he made. She also viewed The Sixth Sense starring Gary Collins in which his character had ESP, psychometry, and precognisance. Dr. Rita began reading books on ESP and paranormal, the books of Carlos Castaneda, etc.
As much of her research indicated enlightenment lead to such abilites as a by-product, she tried working towards enlightenment. She began learning tarot, numerology and astrology, thinking it'd lead to her being psychic. When she found the Berkeley Psychic Institute, she learned she's pretty much been psychic her whole life.
Dr. Rita discussed at length distintions of psychics and psychism.
Then discussed was her book Dark Angels, the sort of entities that hide beneath beds or inside closets, as the child themselves created a vortex to allow such enties to enter. Also discussed was the distinctions between active and residual hauntings.
Barbara asked about her Reiki work and energy work, though it turns out the Doctor's work is more energy work than actual Reiki, working with peoples' auric fields. At the Berkeley Psychic Institute she learned about past life healings, deprogramming, but that was done remotely (she in one chair and the other person in another chair). She discussed the seven primary chakras and the various energy levels within a person.
Henry conveyed that tonight we "only" had listeners in the US, UK and Finland.
After the second break, Barbara spoke of, and the Doctot discussed children and poltergeists, being attachments or portal-opening.
Man-Made is the Doctor's latest book, and she discussed the topic ancient aliens.
This June they are hosting a Footsteps of Viracocha Tour to Peru and the Giant Wall getting to touch elongated skulls as well (and while they're going to a cemetery, despite not officially being allowed to Investigate, she'll still be bringing a recorder for EVPs), and they can at least do Intuitive Remote Viewing type sessions.
The Doctor gave out her main Soul Healer website (not to be confused with the Rita Louise name site CC mentioned earlier in the show), her Just Energy Radio show, hastily giving out her information as she struggled against another interviewer on Skype trying to contact her for another interview scheduled for the top of the hour, so she was allowed to scoot out with a few minutes to spare.
I provided the show's various page locations (my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on on Facebook), et al); Kat gave out her her website on which is her graphic novel; and almost didn't out the information on her friends' Relay for life Indiana Ghost Trackers Southeast Central Chapter team event link, as I added to a few of the previous weeks' editions, indicating a "hunt for cancer cure," the fact the cure for cancer exists already notwithstanding.
Henry reported that our subsequent week's guest would be author Karen Vance Hammond of Shoe Marks.

February 23 2012 edition podcast
Dr. Rita Louise
Dr. Rita Louise February 23, 2013 guest on The Paranormal View

Dark Angels:
An Insider's
Guide to Ghosts,
Spirits and
Attached Entities
Dr. Rita Louise

The Chronicles Of Our
Extraterrestrial Gods
Dr. Rita Louise

Avoiding the
Cosmic 2x4
Dr. Rita Louise

The Power Within: A
Psychic Healing Primer
Dr. Rita Louise

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