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Geoffrey Gould
Radio guest appearance:
Candy O'Donnell's weekly
Blogtalk Online Radio Show

Sunday August 26, 2012
Keeping up with Shout Outs
My friend Candy O'Donnell began a weekly show essentially titled Candy O'Donnell Blogtalk Radio, and as Candy had been a guest on my own co-hosted weekly shot The Paranormal View, and invited me to be a guest. As she had also asked if there were anyone I could Recommend As Guests for her show, I easily suggested film maker and paranormal investigator Brian D. Byers, amazing actress friends Maria Olsen and Arielle Brachfeld and film maker Terry Ti, each of whom became guests before our established interview date.
As with online radio I rely on Skype, the day before the scheduled live interview, Candy and I were IM-ing on Facebook, trying to figure out the best way for me to be heard. During one show, I'd called in via my Not-Smart phone, and when I played back the podcast, my audio was all but unintelligible. Candy realized that as I was there Right Then, what about pre-recording it, so we went through Skype, which characteristically began to drop me a few times. Amusingly, when Candy later edited out the gaps, at one point it sounds like I finish a story, ramming straight into another thought without so much as a breath.
We finally realized Skype was not going to be helpful, so we shifted to my calling her via my Not-Smart phone, though on the playback it suddenly sounds from "clear" via Skype to sounding telephonic. I also keep forgetting how rapidly I tend to speak; hopefully I don't sound too frenetic to others.

Candy O'Donnell interviewing Geoffrey Gould
(Original Show interview page.)
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