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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 20, 2011
Candy O'Donnell
Our guest tonight was Candy O'Donnell, who I met at the Linda Vista STU Con 2 at the beginning of August. I pointed out her having a secondary Facebook profile to which she can Add new friends, what with her initial Facebook profile having been filled to capacity.
I introduced her, indicating Reading Questions should be Private-Messaged to Henry or myself, No medical questions for Readings. I met Candy O'Donnell at STU Con at the beginning of August, a friend of another previous guest, Lia Scott Price. Candy is a psychic reader and author of such books as Meditations for Busy Mothers, Seeing With Psychic Eyes, Ungodly, and Past Life Memoirs of Atlantis: One Person's Journey. Candy also founded Psychic Paranormal, a paranormal investigation group in northern California, near Sacremento. At STU Con, her literary agent took her and Lia into the psych ward building, but in the main surgical suite she indicated catching some stuff, and made a quick video on her YouTube channel.
As for the show itself, we ran into some server issues, and Henry had to stop the encoding and such, even one restart didn't work, then wouldn't let him re-connect. After several attempts to save the situation, it seemed the server was being extremely screwed up.
While we waited, Candy plugged how much she enjoys Google+, and that Scott Gruenwald had been a constestant on the most recent edition of Paranormal Challenge.
She spoke of her own online radio interview show, Tuesday mornings (from 7-7:30am pacific time) on BlogTalkRadio.
After various attempts, Henry called Dave for help. After replacing the rubber band, Henry went for Take Three.
Candy reported that she is a Psychic Medium, having first seen a man looking down at her whilst she was in her crib; that of her great-grandfather's spirit. She communicates with animals as well, and began writing at an early age. Seeing with Psychic Eyes was something of a primer and introduction to psychism. Past Life Memoirs of Atlantis was her second book, about her own page-life, recovered through past-life regression.
She discussed Psychic Paranormal, the family investigation group, and her 12-year old daughter who took to ghost investigating like a duck to water. As with Medium and Ghost Whisperer ghosts come to her, whether she's awake or asleep Her fourth book, Meditations for Busy Mothers for mothers with Young Children, who understandably need a well deserved break now and then. Her third book, Ungodly, was a narrative fiction horror novel, taking about nine months to write and edit.
Candy is a Reiki Master and going for her Reiki 2 certification, her husband being her guinea pig. She doesn't use Tarot or other divining devices for her Readings; just connecting to the persons' energies.
The difference between a medium and a psychic being, a medium senses [sees/hears] the dead, while psychics pick up on a person's energy. She feels the energy through her hands, so she does a lot psychometry. Up in Folsom, buildings have been there since the 1800s, and touching them revealed all sorts of imagery and such. In the Folsom History Museum on Sutter Street, the energy alluded indicated to What Had Happened there.
After finishing her Reiki Mastery (distance healing), she met a teacher named Beth who is her current teacher with a new form of laying-on-of-hands version of Reiki, where to have hand-placement the longest.
We went to break and Henry re-called us on Skype. On our return I pointed out with Craig having his family outting, touring Pennsylvania, and wondering if they're getting trounced by Hurricane Irene.
Henry went back to Candy being an animal communicator, jokingly asking if at the race track if any horses could tell her the winner in advance. Not the case, unsurprisingly enough, her daughter can pick football and basketball since she was two, by the teams' uniform colours. Cats can be "unreasonable" in their communications, while horses tend to be chatty. The most unusual animal with which she'd communicated was a ferret, managing to track a lost ferret. Candy has also been able to communicate with animals who have Passed.
Henry reported our having listeners in the US, the UK, Canada, Spain, and three from "Other"...
Henry asked about some of the simpler medidations. Candy figured the simplest could be an Ocean Meditation: allowing the mother to connect with the child, such as in a sand box, and with eyes open or closed, imagining the sand being a beach: a calming meditation.
The Wolf Meditation allows one to sense the wolf's sense of smell and their perspective.
Henry asked for MustardSeed in the chat room whether her husband might lose his job. Candy sensed there was some re-organization was going on; a high probability of being down-sized, possibly due to the company moving its location.
For Jean_Marie I asked if her cat Charlie might reincarnate; Candy sense his enjoying himself on the Other Side a bit Too Much right now...
For wonders if her black lab Otis blame her for letting him continue being ill when she felt he could get better. Candy sensed that he visits, having friends with whom he plays on the Other Side, but he visits; he would always be with her.
I asked about Champ. She connected with the energy, and relayed that he leaped home, that he's playing with a little white dog on the Other Side. (Candy sensed how Champ consumed a lot of chocolate at one time, which he had.)
Karin in the chat room wondered about her cat having a brother and two sisters; she wondered if the given-away siblings forgave this act. Candy sensed they did forgive her.
Henry asked about her doing investigations. Candy indicated that she tries to coordinate with her daughter on the weekends to go on investigations, and planning next month to get going on such.
Karen in the chat room asked about her late Sheltie dog Toby. Candy sensed the dog relayed he was okay, doing very well, and very important in his role on the Other Side.
Henry asked about her Linda Vista experience, where she relayed in the surgery suite photographing Orbs, and how in the psych ward she came across Wayne who, shortly before the place finally closed, was killed because he Knew Too Much. Another woman spirit was still traumatized from her own torturous experiences.
Other places she's investigated previously she'd had the honour of investigating American River Grange in Rancho Cordova, as well as the Kilgore Cemetery one of the oldest graveyards in Sacremento County, as far back as the 1700s.
Henry closed out the show, mentioning the next week's show guest being Barbara Sillery, author of The Haunting of Mississippi (and other books).
Off the air, Henry discovered Audacity reporting it might not have recording the episode at all...
within the hour after the show, Henry emailed Craig and me that, "The Paranormal View had issues tonight... first connecting to the server.... then windows burped and we lost the podcast.... hopefully it will be better next week..."

Candy O'Donnell
Psychic and author Candy O'Donnell

Meditations for
Busy Mothers

by Candy O'Donnell

Seeing with
Psychic Eyes

by Candy O'Donnell

by Candy O'Donnell

Past Life
Memoirs of Atlantis:
One Person's Journey

by Candace O'Donnell
Candy O'Donnell website
Candy O'Donnell site

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