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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 11, 2012
Marla Brooks
I was attending STUCon4 in Monterey Park, under the impression the new venue was haunted and would have an investigation, but it wasn't and we didn't... but 8:30pm buses home is a lot easier than 1:30am buses home... I was not alone in bringing with me my laptop, but as with everyone else... there was no Internet signal to be had, so I was unable to participate in that evening edition of The Paranormal View.
As Kat was also not available, Henry and Ceiling Cat Barbara were able to bring in as a guest co-host the awesome and reliable Marla Brooks (of the Thursday night para-x show Stirring the Cauldron).
Initially Henry had planned on an evening on various topics with himself, Kat and CC and my having done some research. Amusingly, Henry started out about Black Eyed Kids (of one my favourite topics), and CC was aware of them, but not in detail. Henry spoke of Brian Bethel's experience, though from his reading, it was clear that he used a different source. Marla felt she may have seen an episode of Doctor Who with BEKs, but I have no idea to which episode she thought she was refering. CC posited it could be medication that expands the pupils, despite a pupil normally not exceeding the width of an eye's iris. Not having read the original Bethel page, Henry seemed unaware of other witnesses across whom Bethel had come. While Henry pointed out only stories of people not permitting the BEKs entry into a house or car, they didn't connect the dots that the only stories of witnesses are those who weren't just witnesses of BEKs but actually survivors of BEK encounters. Due to not knowing of the other first-hand account witnesses (e.g., those who let them in... and thereby [most likely] did not survive), the three suspected it could be "just" an Urban Legend...
Joking about Snipe Hunting, CC suggested sending someone Snipe Hunting in the Pine Barrens, the reference to which Henry apparently didn't recognize, let along it being Jersey Devil territory.
Henry asked after imp-like Pukwudgie about which CC explained. Marla pointed out a previous guest of hers, Christopher Balzano had had an encounter himself, and managed some video during an investigation with Ron Kolek as Maureen Wood was attacked.
Marla spoke of the Hispanic legend of La Llorona: The Weeping Woman, and how even in Los Angeles she's been sighted.
Henry brought up the topic of faeries. Marla pointed out that there are so many myriad of classes of the Fae that it's not an easy question. She clarified they're not all Tinkerbell-esque; they come in all shapes, sizes and temperments, and they discussed it in much greater detail with a little help from a copy of Encyclopedia of the Unseen World Marla had handy. Also discussed with the famous 1917 paper cut-out Cottingley Faerie photos. Marla relayed how another guest on her show, Edain McCoy, had discussed the fae, having written a book on faeries.
Henry shifted into another aspect of the Fae, the banshee, or sídhe (pronounced shay). Not surprisingly, Marla refered to the classic film Darby O'Gill and the Little People. Meanwhile Henry clearly was refering to the late Ted Andrews book Enchantment of the Faerie Realm during their discussion.
Shifting to House Elves, Marla refered to the Hawaiian Menehune, which are similar in characteristic to Celtic brownies, managing to get in an organic plug of her e-book A Bad Case of the Collywobbles. Marla also brought up the Australian Bunyip, mostly, as with most people, she thinks its name is cool.
As a change of pace, CC and Marla did a few Readings for people in the chat room, even for Henry, right up to wrap-up, giving Marla no time to provide her website or Facebook information. Due to my own absense, also not given out was my website, the Paranormal View page thereon, that The Paranormal View being easily findable on Facebook, et al.
That'll happen.
Marla's books are listed on my metaphysics books page (and below); Marla's non-metaphysical non-fiction books being on my non-fiction books page as well (and as below, always listed on her guest appearance report page/s).

August 11 2012 edition podcast.
Paranormal View 11 August 2012

Workplace Spells:
Everyday Magick
on the Job

Author: Marla Brooks

Animal Spells
and Magick

Author: Marla Brooks

Ghosts of Hollywood:
The Show Still Goes on

Author: Marla Brooks

Ghosts of Hollywood II:
Talking to Spirits

Author: Marla Brooks

Ghosts of Hollywood III
Author: Marla Brooks

Eat Like the Stars
Cookbook: Celebrities
Favorite Recipes

Author: Marla Brooks

The Celebrity Cookbook:
Kitchen Secrets of
the Rich and Famous

Author: Marla Brooks

How To Cook Like
A Jewish Grandmother

Author: Marla Brooks

The American Family
on Television: A Chronology
of 122 Shows, 1948-2004

Author: Marla Brooks

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