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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 30, 2012
Bell Nursing Home live investigation and Skype Debacle
This date was to have had a live investigation at the haunted Bell Nursing Home, but Tornado Warnings had the public heading to shelter/s, and Henry and Kat ended up at the tornado refugee camp that was a Comfort Inn there in Cambridge, Ohio.
As power was out right and left, Henry was reduced to using an Air-Card for his laptop, Skype contributed its very best to make the audio of the show not only unintelligible (through my headsets, certainly), but 70 minutes in, Henry's computer locked up, effectively wiping out all the previous audio that'd been recorded. It went out again and I was Skype-booted enough times that with a quarter of an hour left on the show, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion we cut our losses, and wrapped the show early.
With what little I could make out, this does not mean I didn't pay attention...
Kat reported that less than a minute and a half inside the haunted location, Kat's recorder picked up a soft EVP. Those there viewed Shadows People during the day. Henry could hear an audible of a woman screaming... and later a loud sigh.
The proprietors of the Bell Nursing Home are Emily Leininger and her sister Natalie Dickendasher. Emily and local paranormal investigator Charlie Warden spoke with Henry and Kat at their tornado-refugee location.
Emily related that the place had been built in mid 1800s, from a home, there are several common rooms, with some small rooms to the side. Upstairs is broken into several rooms and offices, and there's a cellar and attic.
The original family were the Ludlies who'd built the place, being local store merchants; the patriarchs all passed, leaving the family women having cousins and relations visiting and staying and such. The place was abandoned in 2006 and along with her sister Natalie, Emily bought it. There was so much left behind within the building, it seemed to have been abandoned in haste.
Urban legend has it that a short, hunched-over ghost named Lily haunts a rear room. They described some of the layout and such of the rooms and corridors. At one nurses' station, Kat espied a Shadow People. Emily has seen what she called Mist People, which I posited being a full body apparition without detail; Kat described it as sort of a Reverse Shadow Person.
They discussed their plans to have the placed turned eventually into a haunted bed and breakfast. Kat pointed out some rooms still retain their hospital gurneys; I joked that that was for Single Rooms, but Skype audio delay ruined my comic timing when I tried to provide quips.
OPA and P.O.R.T. (the Paranormal Ohio Research Team, who have been previous guests on our show), have been there investigating and both groups have experienced heavy breathing, sighting Shadow People, et al. Kat saw one Shadow People outside at 4pm in daylight; someone else saw the same ghost on a different occasion. Currently they only have Friday and Saturday investigations as understandably, they have day-jobs.
As Henry's computer froze up when we went to go to the second break, losing ALL of the first 70 minutes of the show, so coming back once we got back online, I encapsulized the above info that had been discussed. Henry pointed out we had listeners in the US, Japan and Switzerland.
Not surprisingly the paranormally active place had at one time been a funeral home. Emily relayed an experience with Natalie with a friend named Cody, who had smelled something and the temperature changed suddenly. Emily felt it smelled like rose water.
Before the evening's show officially went down in flames, Emily was able to convey her Apparition Commission site, suggesting people also Like it on facebook; indicating that for the tours one can purchase the $25.00 tickets through the Facebok site, just give a call in advance so Natalie and Emily know that and when you're coming.
After Henry announced surrendering to the Murphy's Law of the evening, and just as Skype tossed me out, and Henry's audio had became completely incomprehensible, the June 30th edition of the show was officially skuppered.

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Apparition Commission
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Apparition Commission on Facebook

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