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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 16, 2012
Paranormal Ohio Research Team: P.O.R.T.
Out guest/s tonight was Craig Jones and Marc Spicer of P.O.R.T. (Paranormal Ohio Research Team), for whom I believe I gave the "worst" introductions (usually before the show I've aquired information about our guests, and today I was rushed, my computer gave me some trouble, so I copied and pasted from their site and what I'd snagged was not quite as Introductory as I'd have liked or used). This was the first time our guests were not being called in on Skype: both Craig and Marc were at Henry's home, sitting right across from him. The two amusing fellows demonstrating being best friends as tending to razz each other throughout the show.
Marc began investigating since 1993, though he grew up in an un-haunted house. Craig joked he got into the field by being paid...
Back in North Wales years ago, Craig had a midnight Christmas and outside looking up at the steeple, they could see a green mist traveling around the windless spire.
They had formed P.O.R.T. as the previous group to which they'd belonged had fractured, as so often happens.
Henry asked about Craig's Welsh investigation. North Wales Psychiatric Hospital, built in the late 18th century. It was a self contained community or sorts, and as Craig had relatives who were nurses therein, he had an In. Lifts operated themselves on their own, etc., however Craig found nothing during his investigation.
We joked at how Most Haunted is "the funniest paranormal show" out there, and how Derek is an ambassador of stupidity.
Craig has been to Waverly and has heard the footsteps, but little more than that. The group uses game cameras as a good piece of equipment.
They concurred that paranormal activity can happen at any hour of the day, not just at night.
Prior to its opening itself to public "hunts," Marc and Craig had investigated Prospect Place, and Kat recalled the amount of bats at the time when she had investigated there.
Also checked out was Mansfield Reformatory, but they agree it's becoming "saturated" with hunters. At least Marc had never been disappointed at Mansfield; good EVPs and photos.
Discussing cameras, Marc pointed out why spend hundreds or more on DVR set, but what would one get from it? P.O.R.T. doesn't charge, so they don't waste money on the heavier equipment. Craig pointed out often it's Luck to catch or witness something even at a reputable haunted location.
Henry asked after Warwick Castle, and Craig spoke of its oubliette dungeon, so active that Craig described it as the "best cure for constipation." Along with EVPs, they could audibly hear screams coming up from there...
He discussed how creepy are the George Joseph Smith and other Recent Murderer/s exhibits at Madame Tussauds.
Henry didn't even try to pronounce Gwylfa Hiraethog of Denbigh Moor, at which Craig had once camped out. Whilst there, they could hear voices in what seemed to be the distance. Figuring they'd discuss it in the morning, they turned in; later while sleeping in their tents, there was a loud female scream which shattered everyone's sleep. On getting up, they found an active ember from their campfire had fallen to within an inch of their tent.
The creepiest place Marc house up in Zenia which had a "hateful feeling" throughout. Best Evidence farmhouse over in Adams County. The motion-sensor game camera had taken eight photos, which later turned out was due to a rocking chair having been moved.
I asked if they were aware of GoPro cameras. Craig has a HD Hero 2, the newer model from the slightly "barer boned" HD Hero. model. He said one could get one with an IR lens installed. Craig had seen Twittered photos of CineGear had taken, so he would send me the link so I could see if I was visible. We agreed how conveniently small they are, and able to be placed where many cameras would not be able to go.
Henry had Craig speak of Bodelwyddan Castle on the North Wales coast; the original lord having passed away but "still roams the gardens," and children have reportedly seen him in the building. Craig had some audible experiences but didn't have recorders running.
Back from the second break out to which I took us (with a deliberate Doctor Who referenced in-joke which Craig got right off), Henry reported our having listeners tonight from the US and Canada.
Kat relayed ChiTown's chat-room question, asking for advice for novice investigators; Craig pointed out it's not for fame or fortune, that's for sure.
I asked Nyla's chat-room based question, as to whether they'd ever felt or had Something Follow Them Home; Marc has been touched during investigation/s, but not followed home. Kat indicated her having been touched at the Crump Theatre, and an experiences of Something following her home, and her young dog whimpering At Something for a three nights at 3am, and staring at Something above their bed.
Henry told them about our show being done at Ryans Tavern September 8th, and Hillview manor on October 20. Whilst June 29/30, P.O.R.T. will be hosting a two night investigation of the Bell Nursing Home, The Paranormal View would be broadcasting live from there Saturday the 30th.
I asked if whilst in the UK, had Craig ever investigated elemental energy such as fae and such. He hadn't, but while still in the military, Craig had been posted near Stonehenge, years before the site was roped off to prevent vandalism, he and some other officers would stand in the center they could feel the tingling sense of magick, particularly close to the main Altar Stone. I pointed out how there were "countless" Stone Circles throughout the UK, Craig indicated there were only "a few" such stone circles, even though I knew there are far more than just "a few."
He did speak of the Giants Causeway where one can really feel the ley-line energy.
We discussed Gwrych Castle, famous for its ghost photo/s. A friend of Craig's parents had rented it for the friend's 16th birthday, and Craig saw a full-body apparition. He confirmed my thought that that being the castle at which was taken the famous Brown Lady photo (added below).
Craig recommended I check out Derren Brown, a renowned stage magician who, as with the likes of Harry Houdini and Arthur Conan Doyle before him, debunks fraudulent paranormal stuff.
With just enough time left to do so, Henry played some EVPs Marc and Craig had provided.
The show wrapped out; Marc gave out P.O.R.T.'s Facebook page and their group's website, and Craig gave out the group's Twitter profile; Henry conveyed our next week's guest being Phil Summers of My Ghost Story, and I provided the various links regarding the show: my hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al.

June 16th 2012 edition podcast
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
Brown Lady at Gwrych Castle
The famous Brown Lady at Gwrych Castle

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