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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 21, 2012
Karen Laven
Tonight's show was a returning guest: author (and psychic criminal profiler), Karen Laven, who'd been our guest October first of last year.
After my introducing her, she clarified she tags along with investigations with the group PINK, and how her husband chaffeurs her about to such sites.
(Before we officially got rolling, Craig pointed out the next day being Henry's birthday.)
Karen was introduced regarding her book Cincinnati Ghosts: And Other Tri-State Haunts, about which tonight they'd be discussing, though her book Dayton Ghosts was mentioned as well, which we'd discussed with her last time.
Keeping things as light and funny as last time, she started out with the closed (in the "No Tresspassing" sort of closed), Hayswood Hospital; she had interviewed people who had risked injury and arrest to investigate the place.
Craig began hearing something and we explained to Karen how our show sometimes Gets Mysterious Sounds (though off-air we deduced it was Karen moving her microphone); we joked about it and I pointed out how Marla Brooks on her own weekly show, once had a live-audio EVP when she interviewed the caretaker of Robert the Doll. Karen brought up there being a creepy clown doll USPS commercial running I immediately had to go find...
We then got into the location Historic Loveland Castle, and the atmosphere one gets in there, and game pieces on a board being moved with no one around. To a Craig question she spoke about bringing mostly a camera and digital recorder when she tags along with PINK, that she's occasionally gotten her own EVPs.
We discussed the distinction between daytime and nighttime activity, and how "ignoring" daytime activity is just pointless before going to break.
This was followed by Karen speaking of the Waynesville Hammel House which she described as Super Haunted; what with also it having spectral feline....
Next up was talking about King's Island Amusement Park and its haunting/s, as well as Peter's Cartridge Factory.
Henry indicating our having listeners from the US, UK, Canada, Belgium, China and five Other/s... Before going to break, Henry asked about Phillips Folly, a creepy aspect of the Underground Railroad.
I took us into the second break, managed to get a good laugh out of Karen, particularly after a curiously long pause before the music began, where I couldn't resist jokingly reminding Henry that he'd gotten his Out.
Since her books, she's done talks and is hearing more and more about Private Domicile haunting/s, usually not anything malicious: some all but comforting, such as probable family members Still Around.
Craig brought up the Promont House, and Karen reported some of the creepy activity that has gone on there.
Craig was also interested in the Southgate House, which Karen reported has since been closed. Craig asked about the For Rent house, from which tenants stay very briefly due to the residual murderous Haunted Playback activity.
Spooky Bust at the Spring Grove Cemetery (Lot 100).
She addressed the story of Lonely Rebecca of the Tea Roses Tea Room, who never went out, but Knew Everybody; that one night she was beaten to death.
I asked about Bobby Mackey's "allegedly" haunted bar. It has a great story around it, Karen conveyed; it being such an actively haunted place: frightening from top to bottom, and that it's not the place to go if one is "wishy washy." One customer was beaten up in the restroom by an unseen entity. It'd been a slaughterhouse, it'd had occult rituals, etc. It's believed a sacrificed woman's head was dropped in the well. Every investigation get evidence, and even Halloween-time news reports have their battery packs drained, etc.
Henry realized the time was running down, quickly asking about the Blue Tower of Sorrow, an underground railroad stop.
Karen gave out her book information, that she does public speaking, her website, et al.
Henry wrapped up the show, reminding that the next week would be a live investigation broadcast from the Morrison Masonic Lodge, along with Dave Jones, Bob Nichols, and from the Siffee series Ghost Hunters. Amy Bruni, and Kris Williams.

January 21 edition podcast.
Karen Laven
Karen Laven

Cincinnati Ghosts:
And Other
Tri-State Haunts

by Karen Laven

Dayton Ghosts
by Karen Laven

The Hammel House promo [1:14]

Promont Ghost [1:05]

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time

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