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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday September 17, 2011
Robbie Thomas
Tonight's guest was psychic criminal profiler Robbie Thomas, author of Paranormal Encounters, A Link To Heaven... Chats With the Other Side, To You from Spirit, and Signs from Heaven, and documentary film maker on The Sallie House: Gateway to the Paranormal DVD.
Henry opened the show referring to next week's show being from Scarefest, with Henry and Craig (as I can't get out there for that).
As we got ready before the show, Robbie entered the room and the chat-room name randomizer gave him BunkerDUmpling, which he thought was excellent; those in the room mentored him into how to change it to Robbie_Thomas.
I was house- and dog-sitting two relatively well behaved Beagles (Marley and PeeWee), who I knew could still burst into spontaneous barking at a moment's notice (Ceiling Cat even reported in the chat room that my typing could be heard).
Robbie got into the paranormal in 1977; most towns having their own ghost stories: an old house owned by the Lawrence family was reputed to be haunted. He found that those who'd lived there had bolted. He met with the owners in the early 2000s, who showed him a photo of a full body apparition of the maid, taking long before the advent of photoshop.
He's worked on numerous missing person cases, not all of which have ended happily, though some pleasantly (missing but not dead).
[My call got dropped; while not using Skype, it was Skype used to call my cell phone.] Henry reported the Skype issues, so took an early break (only 17 minutes into the show). Henry called back, but like the opening theme, I could not hear the break music. Someone was pounding on a computer keyboard even harder than I, which I'd noticed earlier. With Craig back online, he gave the intro he'd planned to say.
Craig asked for someone in the chat room as to how contact him; he no longer takes calls (as they became encumersome); one can contact via Robbie Thomas's offices at
He was asked to help on the famous Natalie Holloway case.
Ceiling Cat asked as to which case affects him most emotionally; mostly missing child cases affect him, and those children cases that didn't end happily. He even realized Victoria Stafford would go missing.
Meanwhile, the mystery continued as to who was typing. When I type during the show or into the chat, I type slowly and quietly. This was loud and almost pounding. CC wondered if it was the sound of Venetian blinds. I pointed out all was quiet where I was: both dogs snoozing peacefully on the couch.
"LoverCake" in chat asked after "about some things that happened when Robbie was filming the April Pennington case in Kentucky," that she came to him, on which Robbie expounded.
Craig asked how information was conveyed to him. Robbie related how on a show a cop asked along those lines, and he was able to convey aspects of a crime with which that cop was involved (or rather, investigating). Robbie impressively declared his knowledge of corrupt cops.
He was asked about alien abduction cases; he's open to it, but still working on the concept.
Henry asked after Robbie's scariest encounter. Robbie felt the scariest was the night before his mother's death, his being visited by what he called the Counsel of God, similar to the Four Horseman. Mentioning her dying in 198, on September 17th, realizing this edition of the show was the anniversary of her death. Over breakfast he related to her his dream. She turned and asked him to leave, and go home. Aware she was to die, he went home reluctantly. His dad called, Robbie returned to see his mother being taken away.... He clarified after my question, that the Horseman visitation was similar to the old Celtic-family banshee aspect, being a harbinger of death.
Henry asked after the most active place: New Orleans. In 2007 he stayed in the Haunted Hilton, relaxing at one point and there was a knock at the door, though no one was there. A second knock had no one there either. The cable went out, the lights would go on and off. Photos were taken; they were on the 12th floor in room 1224 with no clocks (the most haunted room being 1230), an orange clock showed up superimposed howing 12:30 as the time...
Robbie would love to visit/investigate the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. He's been to Waverly Hills, but, as he speaks his mind, he's been banned from Waverly...! (Robbie was diplomatic, but implied he'd done a story with which the owners Did Not Agree...)
I took us into the 6pm+ break, again during which I could hear no music. Then suddenly the dog Nina next door.... began a bit of barking... I waited to see if she would rev up the beagles...
Henry reported listeners in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and... Other.
Robbie spoke over "overlapping" communications during investigation/s.
Craig asked after Robbie's work with EVPs (just as I was thinking a similar question).
I asked about procedural aspects of such In 2007 he was given a photo of a child named Caesar. A hour and a half of turmoil later, Robbie got the name Cecil and Eugene and Juan, and where was his body. The killer was caught. From there they had to utilize the information and go through more "tangible" legwork so the evidence is admissible in court.
Visiting the Studebaker Mansion, Robbie heard and saw Shadows of children. He was told no one was previously aware that the Studebaker Mansion previously had been an orphanage...
He related as a child doing "investigations," the tools of his trade was a flashlight, a rope to keep the kids tethered, and baby powder to throw at Shadow People. He did relate a story of his aunt Pat's home being left to Robbie's sister Pat who eventually sold to someone... named Pat. But that at one point Pat related footsteps in the shag rug. She took Robbie's suggestion of baby powder at Aunt Pat's favourite spots, and they acquired footprints... I pointed out they used that method in Paranormal Activity, but my audio was such he thought I was referring to one of the many reality shows instead of the narrative movie, the first of that comical trilogy.
At the 1:33:20 mark, the two dogs did suddenly began barking for no good reason. Robbie comically "admonished" me for interupting a Good Story. To "distract" the dogs, I had to leave the computer (as the mysterious audible typing within the show continued on its on), and I brought the dogs quietly to the kitchen. There I gave them two treats each to busy their mouths. I was unaware that on the show during my brief absence, Something Strange was happening...
At the 1:36:40 mark of the show, Henry asked Robbie about the Sallie House. Robbie began speaking of the place, which contains numerous spirits (ironically: no actual spirit therein named Sallie, that's just an urban legend regard the girl named Sallie who died at the hands of a possibly-incompetent doctor).
Robbie indicated as a very young child he told his mother about angels, but to him they were from another world. At the age or around two at Sunday School, he conveyed about angels, and he recalls his father being interviewed, telling the Fathers they would not be using his son "as a guinea pig"...
When I got back to the computer, Karin in the chat room had begun to relay that as Robbie had begun speaking of the Sallie House, the typing stopped but that it seemed there was a Voice was trying to say something... and Karin was not the only person to hear it.
After Robbie spoke of his upcoming October appearance at the Canadian-American Paranormal Convention, Henry closed out regarding our next week's show being broadcast from Scarefest in Lexington, Kentucky.
After the show, after saying our goodbyes to Robbie, Henry and Craig and I spoke of the next week, as the dogs began to make up for lost time, intensely baying outside. I bade them inside where they happily hopped up my leg, one of them accidently pulling my ear-plug cord, causing my phone to crash to the floor and throw loose its battery, summarily terminating my call...

Playing back the edition when it was online, I found my audio pretty much was almost unintelligible.
Meanwhile, while I was off keeping calm the two dogs, the ongoing typing was still audible on the show, and sure enough, at the 1:36:40 mark, as Henry asks Robbie about the Sallie House, bizarre, whispery voice/s are audible... The voices become more and more insistent for about one and a half minutes.

September 17 edition podcast

Author and psychic criminal profiler Robbie Thomas
Psychic criminal profiler and author Robbie Thomas

Paranormal Encounters
Robbie Thomas

A Link To Heaven...
Chats With the Other Side

Robbie Thomas

To You from Spirit
Robbie Thomas

Signs from Heaven
Robbie Thomas

The Sallie House:
Gateway to the Paranormal

Robbie Thomas

Dead Whisper:
In Search of
Ghosts and the

two DVD Set:
Robbie Thomas

Robbie Thomas website
Robbie Thomas website
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