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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday June 18, 2011
Debbie Perkins
Our guest tonight was Debbie Perkins of M.E.P. (Maine Extreme Paranormal Investigations and Research Team) and USA Paranormal Radio Show.
She described how she began creating relationships with which to get access to haunted historical sites. Henry had met her in 1979 at the Spaulding Inn along with John Zaffis. Debbie and Henry recalled how brutally cold it was during that investigation. Quickly plugging her USA Paranormal Radio Show show, she thanked Henry for encouraging her with it. Debbie won an award for one of her show's episodes, with interviewing CeCe the Huntress (at first she'd thought it was for the Zaffis interview).
At fifteen years old she'd had a magazine flew at and over her head. On getting home, her (arriving home somewhat... drunk) mother simply pointed out Debbie had met her grandmother.
She'd also seen Shadow People wandering about the house, one Debbie suspected being a female.
Debbie lives relatively close to Portland in Maine. With a friend she began doing recordings and photos at cemeteries, some catching some amazing evidence. Using a Poloroid instant camera they were catching images of Other People that were not with them.
She has five people in her group, and actually limiting to five, as larger groups began having Drama amongst themselves.
Debbie related one place having photos of the staff of the past closely resembled a very skinny version of Debbie.
Watching an episode of The Haunted Collector, I'd only just recently learned Lorraine and Ed Warren were related to John Zaffis.
Debbie worked on John Zaffis' documentary with the boys from Scared and some others came to film. For John Zaffis' haunted museum, they removed from her car a rather-large haunted mirror Debbie had brought from a haunted house with negatively energy that had been shown on Paranormal State, investigated by Lorraine Warren.
With Craig still being MIA, with probably connection issues, I took us out into break (with some good selection of Beatles' songs), making an attempt at a Maine pun.
Henry asked about some of the places they'd investigated, starting with the Mill Agents House. She referenced the Maine Ghost Hunters providing video of their investigation. Four women of her group (Debbie and three) went to investigate. The house, built around 1856-1868, the miller stayed in that house, often used for textiles. The man who bought the property and the mill house wanted to use the house for boat storage. Being near water, they were hearing random things, and the evening was pretty intense.
She went down to Florida and with the Florida Ghost Chasers went to to one beautiful house with the spirits of a little girl and a grumpy man. For the little girl ghost Debbie had brought an antique doll (not Robert). One of the group was using dowsing rods, their using Yes and No questions; one question came up if the girl thought [Debbie] was her mother. The response was yes, due to the fact Debbie had brought a gift.
Reverend Tim Shaw in the chatroom asked what place gave her the major creeps (I asked it, once I managed to get in a word). She declared the house in Waterboro at 1226 West Road.
During one investigation one of the investigators all but started being possessed; they had to take him physically off the property, and it took several minutes for him to mentally reconstitute. She spoke about another investigation in which a woman's daughter (rather recently at that point), had committed suicide.
Henry and I were Private Chatting; Henry and I were impressed we barely had to say anything, but Henry indicated having Chat Room questions... We went to our second break with about 40 minutes left to the show; more Beatles songs: I Love You and I Wanna Hold Your Hand, though though my headset (probably thanks to Skype), the audio began to break up until they sound like singers from Skaro...
Back from break, Henry reported our having listeners tonight from the US, UK, Ireland.
She related the relationship between the Warrens and John Zaffis, though she personally only knows John. She mentioned Lorraine having a doll in a similar Haunted Museum, that some visitor literally made fun of it... and leaving on his motorcycle fatally crashed about ten minutes later. Debbie also described some of the creepier items about at John Zaffis' Haunted Museum.
One of the chat room questions was about the Buxton School House, so Debbie discussed that for a time. When asking "for a sign" of anyone's presence, a sign, affixed to the walls since the 1970s "happened" to fall at that moment.
She was asked about the Devil's Footprint, which she reported being in Manchester, Maine; there being a cemetary with a meeting house (Debbie adding she has connections so she can get investigators in there). It was also used as a church. There's a stone wall from which, that urban legend reports, a man couldn't move a large stone, and apparently frustrated, foolishly offered his soul to the devil his soul for the stone to be moved; the next day the stone had been moved... and the man was never seen again.
Debbie reported that the Footprint on the stone is massive; one's hand doesn't cover it. She got numerous EVPs there.
Suddenly Debbie's line went dead; we suspected her phone battery might have gone, but later in the chat room we discovered a local tree had felled a power line, taking out local power for over twenty minutes.
With several minutes left on the show (thank goodness it didn't happen earlier in the show), Henry mentioned about the subsequent week's guest, Tracie Austin-Peters author of Welcome to Haunted Las Vegas, Nevada, and host of Let's Talk Paranormal - TV Talk Show. He then mentioned that for the July 2nd show our guest would be lovely psychic Sandiee Peters of Soul Chat, also on Para-X (Henry was unaware that Sandiee had been a model and actress before turning to photography).
During my pre-show research I found that Debbie Perkins utilizes two Facebook profiles, that first link seemingly being the primary, plus a "smaller" secondary profile, so I provided those.
Off the air, Henry and I discussed regarding the previous night's scheduled video event being canceled. It turned out it was due to Not Enough People being there. The cancelation was not well received, but there was nothing that could be done about it. The guy cancelled it, leaving the event's promoter high and dry, and with the video broadcast would have had heaps and heaps of free publicity. Dave was driving many miles to get there, and was understandably non-plussed about the cancellation, and knew Never To Work With This Guy again. The owner had cut off his nose to spite his face.
Anyway, all in all, Debbie Perkins falls into one of those Better Guest categories in that we barely need to do more than let her speak, albeit tough for me to Keep Up with precise details for the page: so just listen to the podcast below...

June 18th edition podcast

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USA Paranormal Radio Show
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Para-X Radio: all paranormal, all the time
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