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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday 04 June 2011
Donn Shy
Our guest tonight was the first and to date only Para-Publicist the one and only, of The Green Room Monday nights at
Henry reminded all that "we'd" be at ScareFest in September in Lexington Kentucky. He also reported, much to our happy happy joy joy, that our previous week's guest Eric Bee was in fact selected to host the new Para-X show Emergency Encounters. Henry indicated the probable upcoming live show at the Glendower Mansion in Lebanon Ohio, as well as the Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, Ohio, and the Wright Paterson Homestead
I introduced Donn as Henry called her in. Donn was house and dog-sitting for her daughter whilst on her Canadian honeymoon.
Henry pointed out there might be "para-noobs" who don't know Who Is Donn Shy, so Donn described being into the paranormal since forever, reading on ghosts and the unusual even as far back as elementary school, etc. She wondered regarding such strange things: what if these things Are Real...?
She began meeting people in the paranormal community and began promoting them and getting them speaking gigs and such. As the internet began and increased she began researching for hours and hours. She began wondering why read Others' Experiences, when she could acquire her own evidence, and began investigating, joining the Paranormal Research Society (as their documentarian). While "stuck" in Ojai, she'd been working on her presentation for the upcoming Frontier Para-Con; she'll be showing what to and what not to do, investigating, et al.
She's posted some EVPs and footage at her Facebook profile, but after Frontier Para-Con she'll start posting individual clips from her DVD.
She spoke of catching video of The Creeper at Waverly Hills as she filmed through the famous haunted sanitarium. She also indicated the interesting fact how varied people at the same time often do not get the same EVP voice. On one of the ghost hunting shows they played an EVP which was the same voice as the EVP she'd got in the Body Chute. Also, that a ghostly presense urged them (she was there with Marti and Michael Parry, and she was filming them) to turn back in the body chute, but at the time she'd each felt a sickening feeling to turn back; they didn't know about the voice warning them until they went through their raw evidence.
Currently, Henry reported, we had listeners in the US, Australia and France.
We started having some Skype issue, even the chat room reporting some audio issues. They reported that apparently the new version of Skype had been giving them problems as well.
Ladean in the chat room asked if Donn had ever run from a place and if so where; Donn confessed pretty much she'll only flee spiders... She's never really run from an area [yet], but she's busy filming/recording enough to not have time to be scared; she does not go in to a place pre-frightened, as many people do.
As we went into break, Henry reported he'd "dump" us on Skype and call us each back in hopes to get Skype more cooperative... After break we came back and it seemed okay...
Donn indicated not having investigating much of late, mostly due to some of her group's members having paranormal issues; ghosts following investigators home... She mentioned the new John Zaffis show on the Sci-Fi Channel (now spelled to be pronounced Siffee...), Henry mentioned someone having had from their grandmother a mirror so haunted they felt they had to bury it.
Donn indicated being thrilled with my cohosting The Paranormal View, and that I Represent the west coast, and how different the type of hauntings are e.g., Marla's books
Craig suddenly piped up, asking after her first experience with Shadow People, and her experience in Volcano, California. She related investigating the USS Hornet in Alameda, and once she turned off the camera [boop!], and out of the corner of her eye she could see a Shadow Person in bell-bottoms and sailors hat, the body language of which indicated noticing Donn having seen him, and he fled. Another time she went to another event at Volcano, the local population being only about 180 people. Donn was filming the host Sid in the town's hotel; as he left one room, and Donn went to film the entire room, and while panning, the grey figure of a man, head, shoulders and torso, leaning out of the wall in a "is the coast clear" sort of glance. Donn realized that was as close as she came to running away, but she kept filming, and the two of them, Donn and the apparition, mouths agape and eyes wide, and he ducked back into the wall. She took a quick photo of the wall, and rushed out to Sid and told him. She played back the footage but when it'd come out of the wall and until he ducked back... the auto-focus on the camera unfocused the whole bit. The still photo did convey a white area as though showing residual energy.
Craig relayed that a previous guest had software that might be able to re-focus that footage.
I asked if my Queen Mary EVP was included. She stated loving my EVP, and her wanting to create a Queen Mary DVD, and that the Booth brothers had inadvertantly delayed it by requesting Getting In on it, and as they've moved on to other projects, she's planning to get back to that project of hers on her own.
Donn declared apart from the Queen Mary, Wolfe Manor but she enjoyed Queen Mary more as it's more comfortable. I told her how I'd heard Wolfe Manor might be a bit overly... negative. Donn told the history behind the former sanitarium, which is why it's has had darker ghosts and possible demons, but Donn holds most of those are those people literally left and abandoned by their families and left there to die.
As we were about to go to the last break, Henry relayed the following show on para-x, and I could hear poor Donn gasping. As he finished I jokingly admonished Henry for "torturing" Donn, who also reminded not being able to access para-x, but conveyed her love to those in the chat room and how much she wished she could be in there as well. I took us into break with, "You're listening to the The Paranormal View at, with our otherwise internet-deprived guest Donn Shy, the paranormal publicist. We'll be right back so stay tuned for the thrilling answer to tonight's question: 'Will Skype will let the audio for the rest of tonight's show be comprehensible?'..."
In the chat room we were still getting reports of audio cutting in and out. Henry relayed the chat rooms' love and greetings.
Donn told of a place with a lot of activity, whilst the Marti and Michael Parry interviewed the family. Suddenly everything started turning white as Donn had a shooting pain in her head. As she managed to continue filming, she had to settle and felt she might faint. Then she came out of it, and the sketch one of the Parrys had done was someone the family didn't know, but the area had a history of gang violence and the drawing may have been of a recent shooting shot in the head right out front of the property.
on an investigation in Ventura, four people came through for Donn's daughter who'd come along.
Henry asked whether Donn had come across any famous celebrity type ghosts. Donn reported having visiting Paramount Studios (which she wasn't "supposed" to name, but I quickly deduced it being Paramount from the reference to Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez), where she got some excellent EVPs, and she's pretty sure one of them being that of Judy Garland. In one of the studio's theatre rooms on the lot, she got a voice within her camera his name being Raymond. I reminded her that most of the studios are haunted, but Paramount Studios being haunted is not secret, particulary with ghosts being seen passing through the wall bordering the Paramount lot and Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Donn went into she and the Parrys visiting the Manson murder place, and they got several good hits, possibly even that of Sharon.
Craig asked whether she uses infra-red; she has a infra-red lens but hasn't used it on an investigation yet. She also answered his inquiry as to what she considered her favourite equipment: she always brings her miniDV Sony camcorder with which she had gotten some fantastic EVPs, as well as having night vision.
The two hours had flown by, as usual when we have The Best Guests. Donn gave out her various site information. Facebook, Twitter, The Green Room; one could even just do a Google search for her, et al, and I gave out my own infomation and we skee-daddled.
Once off the air, Donn was pleased, what with her being "in the wilderness" of Ojai with three dogs ("Hey: Three Dog Night...!"), that the show allowed her to converse with people tonight Donn recommended Lawrence R. Spencer, the author of Alien Interview book, the title of which I realized I already had listed on my Metaphysical Book/s page.

04 June edition podcast.

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Evidence From
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