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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

Saturday February 26, 2011
Author Louis Charles
Earlier in the week Henry provided Craig and me some additional information on the current edition's guest, Louis Charles, author of "Helping Ghosts: A Guide to Understanding Lost Spirits from Angels & Ghosts." I'd already been promoting his book with the direct one-click link to its Amazon page both at the corresponding date on my guest-listing Event Calendar page, as well as on my Metaphysics Books page (as well as below on this page).
Henry got ahold of Louis first, but Craig seemed elusive before we went on. Based in Ohio, Louis told me that previous to ghostly stuff, he worked for Mattel, and that he got into ghostly stuff around 1996. During his work on chromatic colouring, he worked on Camp Barbie in 1994 where Barbie's hair went from blonde to auburn when in the sun (for Hasbro Toys he did what were called treasure rocks).
Once on the air Louis discussed his formerly religious background (Fundamentalist, actually), which thankfully branched into the natural progression into the concept/s of afterlife, having a Spiritual Encounter. He spent much time in nature, at one point playing with a butterfly, which he unintentionally injured; later sincerely praying over it, the substantially damaged insect was able to fly away.
He conveyed the Life Review one tends to have reported from Near Death Experiences (NDEs), which I knew our guest on the March 05th show was well familiar. He indicated how some people are resistant to going into the Light, et al, or they're lost, thereby remaining earthbound.
He indicated having had an out-of-body experience (OBE), he describes in his book, suddenly having happened surprisingly whilst meditation. He literally panicked, wanting to get back into his body. I figured (had it happened to me, with my knowledge of metaphysics and the paranormal), wanting to get back into my body would be like wanting to put on clothes that really needed to be laundered.
Before the first break, Henry played Patty Lyman's first "spotlight report" segment, reporting on a TriOps investigation.
I was asked to send us into the break, and I experimented going out to see if my TARDIS I got the previous weekend at GallifreyOne...
In the chat room, Mark of Paranormal Parodies suggested we could record our show via our webcam/s and Skype it to him, and he could put it into his rotation at his/their Livestream channel, and that he could provide a widget to put onto the website.
Back from the break, Louis began indicate his Awakening in 1996 to explain going from Point A to Point Z.... He received a visitation from a tangible, etheric being that was All Loving he equated with Deity (this was still before his OBE). Being a Fundamentalist at the time, he understandably had been living his life in/with fear. The Presence helped him still his mind and such. By 2002 through 2004 Louis had begun building websites; amusingly, as Louis spoke he mentioned almost a Bell Ringing as Henry's Skype rang... with Craig, who apparently had inadvertantly overslept due to rambunctious kids wearing him out.
Close to the one-hour point, Louis's audio began to distort a bit as he discussed how people live in Fear, and (at Henry's query), whether some ghosts don't want to cross over.
Craig asked after Louis's experiences/knowledge/definition of Shadow People. Louis indicated that some Shadow Ghosts are based on their hearts. One witness he knew felt a Shadow Person she saw felt like "black static," but appeared curious enough to stay long enough to be photographed.
Private Messaging me from the chat room, Kat asked [Louis], if it was possible that all negative entities are only ghosts, and nothing more: nothing "demonic." Louis responded that if one read his book, he spoke of Ghosts of Ill Intent, some that has become so adept at manipulating the environment (through fear), falsely claiming to be demons when they weren't.
Craig asked after the Spirit Box, one received on which Louis's book details. Louis conveyed his Facebook profile through which one can access audio files. He indicated some skepticism using it, but one of the first times he used it they ended up receiving numerous pleas for help.
With three quarters of an hour to go, we had our second break, Henry teasing having a question or two lined up for when we returned.
At one point having read his book, Craig asked about his OBE. As Louis began politely pointing out this was discussed earlier in the show (a la, during Craig's absense), to much amusement I quipped, "This is why we have podcasts..."
Henry asked how Louis explains how to get rid of ghosts, what with the page on the site. He added how in the paranormal community people are almost all about collecting evidence, but that we're not moving beyond that. The point of his book is with all this evidence, and our clearly realizing Ghosts Are People: why not Help Them when they ask?
Patty asked about his most frightening experience and most haunted place; he'd been to the basement of a warehouse which was about a mile long. He later would learn the owners had been involved with the murder of a girl, and (understandably), they possibly were being haunted by her spirit. They were so shady (the living property owners), they easily could have taken out Louis and his friend/s and no one would have know, so understandably that was rather frightening.
Henry did ask whether Louis was involved with any group, but he is not.
We respectively provided our contact informations and we managed to finish on time (my accidently bonking my TARDIS and making it Go Off notwithstanding)....

February 26 edition podcast.

Helping Ghosts:
A Guide to Understanding
Lost Spirits, Angels & Ghosts

Louis Charles

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View
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Paranormal View products

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