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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...

Mad TV

Friday, November 02, 2007
Casino sketch
I got booked on/for a pre-recorded sketch for Mad TV (episode 13-07). With a 6pm calltime, I was able to do my regular temp day job, then head home to change, and got there by 5:30pm. Another backgrounder was also being used for the scene. He and I waited in the production studio rehearsal room, watching Comedy Central (the only station the room's large flat-screen wall TV would receive), until we were shuttled to set, on Highland, just north of Franklin.
The sketch is a presidential candidate ad for a native American, played by Keegan Michael Key. My aspect of the scene was set in a native American casino, friendly Anjelah Johnson (who'd pleasantly introduced herself to us on the ride over from the production studios to the set location, mentioning her stand up act an'such), did a quick bit of lines to the camera for her bit.
This was followed by who I was told was Jordan Peele at a blackjack table, at which I'm sitting (I'm wearing my glasses and blue flannel shirt). He gives his own thoughts to the camera on why their man should be a candidate (remember, I don't do spoilers...), and he ends with suggesting I split my two aces showing. I later suspected this to be mistaken information, as years later I would work on a sketch for their Comedy Central series Key and Peele, and and I'm rather certain the actor in my scene was not Jordan Peele.
After a couple of takes, he and I were wrapped (Anjelah was wrapped when her bit was done). The other backgrounder did a third segment, sitting at the bar with another cast member had his bit.
I was wrapped so I was able to get some of the Chinese food in the nearby room. They had the best and spiciest pepper steak I think I've ever had.
Assistant stage manager Jackie signed me out, and as we were already within walking distance to my place, I didn't take their shuttle all the way back to the production studios. I was home within ten or fifteen minutes.
The good part was it didn't run so late, and considering being AFTRA, I was lucky AFTRA didn't just steal my private-sector compensation for my labour, as it is wont to do.

On Mad TV: guess I should split those aces...
(The video embed has been disabled: go here to view video.)

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