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Window Shade
Friday August 28, 2009
A friend's apartment has one to three entities, one of which already discussed on another page. At one time my friend had a since-moved out-of-state roommate who reported seeing a Black Shape, which personally I suspect as being a Shadow Person, meaning an apparition (full body or otherwise), that isn't the "classic" shimmering white-smokey apparitional form. Many of my Ghost/Paranormal Investigator friends have run across Shadow People... generally they are very dark, from transparent to seemingly solid and completely opaque.
During paranormal activity, my friend's dogs, one or both, become slightly to extremely agitated, usually regarding a specific spot in a specific corner, by the front door.
On the above date, my friend was home alone with her dogs. I was on my way there at the time, and my friend was expecting another friend Susan, as the two had plans to go out to dinner before my friend went out of state for a few weeks. As I was getting off the bus a few blocks away, my friend texted me and on my arrival reported what had happened shortly before:
My friend was just finishing up tidying up the place for the visit, when she saw someone apparently standing at the window just within her peripheral vision, just as she simultaneously noticed her younger dog was staring intently at the same window. There was a distinct silhouette just visible beyond the hanging slats that otherwise cover the window. My friend simply thought her friend Susan had arrived and was about to knock on the door, as her dog stared silently at the same shape. My friend opening the door to find... no one on the wide porch whatsoever. The shade/entity that must have been trying to look in at the window she had seen clearly had dematerialized.

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