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Geoffrey Gould
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The White Entity
For several years in a row, one summer weekend would be devoted to a close circle of friends and I camping with numerous other like-minded folk in the magnificent Angeles Crest Mountains. It was an annual event to which I always looked forward. Apart from "regular nature" (night time campground scavenger visits from bears, raccoons and coyotes and such), the area is still relatively pristine enough that the area contained what could be classified as magickal beings and entities (fae folk and such). My then-girlfriend and I once found a nice glade away from all and after um... well... while we were basking in the afterglow... we noted a strange object on a thin tree branch not far away. Due to its silhouette, it seemed to be a super large peanut resting atop the thin twig of the branch. Eventually on its own the hummingbird gently took off; it was the very first time I'd seen a hummingbird at rest.
A few years later, when I was between girlfriends, one of our group's friends told us of a waterfall so beautiful I knew I had to see it. Another of our group's friends decided to come with me, considering neither of us knew precisely where this waterfall was supposed to be. This young woman had previously learned her Path was to lead her to becoming a Shaman (the large group of campers generally were of a more magickal outlook on life).
We had a general idea as to where the waterfall was located, and we found the main trail to which it was supposed to lead. Soon she and I were hiking along a long trail with trees yards away enough that the sun beat down on us a bit, helping us look forward to the cool waters we hoped to find. Suddenly, in the very edge of my peripheral vision at my right, I caught sight of what seemed to be a white light of such brilliance that had the sun been in that direction I would have thought it was that. But the sun wasn't in that direction, nor was it a reflection on my glasses as the light was in my periphery, beyond the lenses and frames.
I would swiftly turn to face it I would simply find empty blue sky, not even clouds. And as it would reappear just on the edge of my vision, I paid attention to it. It was white, very bright but not in a stare-at-the-sun sort of way. It clearly was fluttering, like a massive butterfly the width of two wide open hands, and it clearly was pacing us. No matter how quickly I'd turn, it wouldn't be there. While it obviously was still there, I could not perceive it directly.
"I think we're being followed," I said to my friend who was ahead of me.
"There's something just over my shoulder, a couple of feet up, just at the edge of my vision, but I can't see it straight on when I turn around at it."
"Is it about as wide as a dinner plate and really bright white?" she asked, barely even bothering to turn as we continued on.
"That's it, and it kind of flutters like a butterfly," I told her.
"Yeah, I'm not sure what that is, but it's been following me for months now," she said, simply.
While we did not actually locate the waterfall, we did find some awesome rock formations, and a nice pool in which to cool off from the heat. On the return hike, the white entity kept up with us, always "mischievously" just at the very edge of my vision. site created February 29, 2008

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