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Acquiring Followers
The first and easiest way is to start playing Hashtag Games; go and upload @Hashtag Roundup's HashtagRoundup app, so you know when the "main games" are posted (aka, dropped), and a game begins.
Hashtag Games have hosts who create a topic on which one comments, using the Hashtag topic. Sometimes it's a mashup game, where one can take two film or book or song titles and create a new title that makes sense (and/or is at least is funny), and yet anyone reading it will understand which titles were combined. There are also "essay" games: a topic sets up a thought, and you complete the statement.
The advice I got regarding acquiring Followers (back when I couldn't break a hundred Followers), was to utilize the # tags #WCW and #FF.
WCW is Women Crush Wednesday: recommending the Female Followers you have (and/or who you Follow/recommend).
FF is Follow Friday: recommending accounts who Follow you and/or that you Follow.
It has plateau'd a bit for me, though it doesn't helpt that Twitter constantly locks out or outright purges users who disagree with the subjective opinions of those who run Twitter.
When I began to tweet my WCW and FF lists, there was a time I would acquire approximately 135 New Followers per week.
For about two or three years.
I also (at the time), would collect the New Follower user names, and in a single tweet, Thank Them all for Following me (I even include the ones I choose not to Follow back). This is a practive in which I've sadly fallen behind.
Now there are Fake Followers: those who Follow an account only to UnFollow after the account has Followed them back.
I have become a bit cautious as to whom I Follow Back.
I go to the profile of a New Follower: if they're Very Very New, with either zero to five tweets (and/or if all of "their" tweets are just retweets), I tend to not follow back. ALSO, I see how many tweets they have as opposed to how many Followers. If someone has a few thousand Followers, but only seven tweets, I know they've purchased the Followers, so I do not Follow back them.
If they deeply share my interests big time (acting, actors, writers, movie projects, paranormal and/or paranormal investigating, et al), and their tweets are not off the rails, I'll generally Follow them back.
Be careful with Too Much Following without being Followed yourself: Twitter pretends to maintaing a "balance," meaning you could hit a wall as I occasionally do: you can't Follow 1000 more than those who are Followiung you.
Now I know many accounts I Follow will/may Never Follow me back, as they are companies, movie projects, etc. (li'l indie film projects are more likely to Follow Back or even Follow writers and actors and such), so I have to be careful how many new accounts I Follow with the trickle of about five or ten new Followers a week now.
Hope it helps!

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