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Geoffrey Gould
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Point Dume Crypto Creature
Filmmaker Alexander Harper gave me permission to share a few of his experiences:
The absolute strangest thing I've ever seen was on Pt Dume in Malibu. It's probably more of a case of cryptozoology than anything like a phantom.
My wife and I went for a night hike with two other friends. The moon was putting off lots of light that night. As we walked along a path that bent along the sea cliff, we saw a bipedal creature running very quickly along this path and directly towards us. Its gait was wide and effortless.
It moved like a gazelle.
Its body was very tall, built, and so pale it practically glowed in the moonlight. Suddenly it registered us walking in its trajectory, and it slid to a stop, just like a hockey player abruptly stopping on ice. The way it slid, and the way the dust and sand was disturbed by this humanoid creature's mass and velocity made this thing seem very heavy. Just as quickly as it slid, it turned about face, and it bolted in the other direction with an explosion of leg force.
Having previously spent so many hours on Pt Dume, in the dark no less, I was shocked.
In my shock, I ran after it to try and get a better look before it disappeared forever. As I got to the end of the trail where the compacted earth transitions to loose sand and a sea cliff, there was nothing.
Afterwards, we all walked back to the car without much to say. None of us could come to an agreement about what we had just seen.
Over time, the inability to find an agreement about what that thing was put a wedge in the relationship and we barely, if ever, see those people anymore. site created February 29, 2008

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