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Geoffrey Gould
Anecdotal Stuff

Astrological Prowess

Back when CompuServe was the Internet
While I use the title "astrological prowess" with tongue planted firmly in cheek, anyone who knows me for very long knows I love astrology. I may not cast horoscopes, but looking over a natal chart, pretty much all I need see is one's sun, moon and rising sign to get a good idea as to their character, and most of the time I'm rather good at it. Often I can tell one of the three aspects by one's appearance, some being easier than others. I don't always cite sun signs, as generally appearances are "governed" by one's rising sign: I'll indicate they "have a lot of [this sign]," and if they know their chart they might confirm it's their rising sign.
Back east, in the mid-1990s, I hosted a weekly X-Files chat which developed a group of regulars. Occasionally we'd discuss other aspects of the paranormal and one night we were discussing astrology and a newbie popped in, a woman.
Noticing about what we were chatting, she entered: You don't believe in that astrology nonsense, do you?
I quickly typed back: NONSENSE...?!
[Forum moderator Ashley quickly typed in a comical =:-O which was the first time I'd seen that amusing emoticon which I use as well to this day.]
The woman soon revealed that she was a Taurus and her husband was a Virgo.
Wow, I typed. You two must have some great fights...
My group of friends watched on as the woman rose to it, inquiring, What do you mean?
I responded. Your Virgo husband comes up with some elaborate plan to Do Something, and after glancing at it for about a minute you tell him, "Well that's pretty good, but do you see if you tweak it here, here and here, you'll make it 35% more practical and efficient?"... and the Virgo goes ballistic.
There was a long pause as she wrote her response. My friends all silently waited to see what would be said to what I'd deduced.
Her response:
How did you *know*...?


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