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Geoffrey Gould
Anecdotal Stuff
Making the Front Page
Page Layout Notwithstanding...

Saturday July 13, 1985
Click on the thumbnail images for a far better look at the scanned .jpg photos...
In the 1980s when the British science fiction series Doctor Who was at its height of fandom (the show's "classic" era/s), a tight circle of friends had been woven in which to conventions we each wore very accurate and detailed outfits befitting the character we respectively resembled. This was decades before the term CosPlay even existed, btw. My friend Dave would be done up as the Peter Davison incarnation, while Young Dan would win Best Doctor in costume competition as the Tom Baker incarnation, while I had a relatively close resemblence to the late Roger Delgado, my almost invariably winning Best Villain for my spot-on outfit as the Delgado incarnation of The Master.
In July of 1985 most of us went to New Orleans (NOT the best time of year to go to New Orleans, btw), for a major convention. Several of us came across a local reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune who was doing an article on the convention. A substantial number of us posed on a stairway landing, and several photos were taken.
The next day we found the issue in newspaper vending boxes, and to our surprise, the/our photo was on the front page! To Dan's and my amusement, the newspaper had judiciously cropped the photo, omitting many of those posing for the photo, but we were mostly amused at (and thankful for), the omission of She Who Wanted To Usurp The Group rather than let it be a group of friends having fun.
In fact, while a few others remained in the shot (apart from Dan and myself), the photo seemed to be cropped to draw focus and force one's eye specifically to Dan and myself.
However, the accompanying convention article was Below The Fold, meaning that while essentially the photo and article looked like this with the paper open and spread out (clicking on the photo/s below will bring up its full image, several of which are much clearer when enlarged):

With Photo, article Below The Fold
The Above The Fold photo, with the Below The Fold accompanying article.
Notice the crease in the middle (at Dan's and my belt-line), just above
the girls' heads: that's the main fold of the front page.

For those who don't get the distinction of Above and Below The Fold regarding a newspaper, when viewing a newspaper in a vendor box, the main fold hides what is on the lower half of the front page... so in a vendor box, one only sees the upper half of page one.
Here the photo's article was Below The Fold, while the article's photo was visible next to a rather disturbing and wholly unrelated headline:

Suspects Sought!
Seems it might as well caption our photo with "Suspects Sought"...!


Above The Fold
So here's how the paper looked Above The Fold...

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