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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday February 16, 2019
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Tonight's returning guest was seven-time author Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the New England School of Metaphysics. She had been scheduled for January but Skype created technical difficulties to such an extent we literally couldn't go on that night.
Henry's started out conveying that I was not available, my attending GallifreyOne this weekend.
Elaine explained how she became an astrologer, and how astrology became legal, starting in New York.
With Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan pointing out she's a Cancer, Elaine reminded how America itself, being founded in early July, is a country born in Cancer.
Henry managed to remember being an Aquarius, aspects of which Elaine provided.
Occasionally during the show the audio would cut out, much to the hosts' consternation.
Elaine brought up watching the series Project Blue Book which CC pointed out, takes some dramatic license with facts of the stories/experiences involved.
After the break, CC reported out having listeners tonight in Germany, Belgum, the US, tje UK, and Canada.
Elaine spoke of an aspect of her website, choosing a Sign of the Month, such as Libra Kate Winslet, Bill Gates, Virgo Prince Harry, etc.
She brought up Abraham Lincoln, and some of his tribulations, and trying to cite his famous "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt" quote.
She also spoke of the Reagans, and Nancy being greatly into astrology.
Elaine posited that President Trump would not be impeached; he'd finish out his term. She pointed out his State of Emergency declaration would help the economy. The July 2nd eclipse would help bring a few things to a head, as it were.
Henry made the common error regarding how believe people "getting less of a tax refund. CC and Elaine made the common error that the Electoral College was a Bad Thing, and "probably" should be eliminated, failing to take into account the repurcusions thereof; and why, to protect the smaller states' votes, the Electoral College is Absolutely Needed. As with their flawed logic regarding "lowered" income tax "refunds" (having overpaid their "income tax," and now taxes are less than previously, such overpayments are returned as "refunds"), Elaine also mistakenly made the frequent error of claiming America to be a Democracy, which it is not.
As I greatly dislike discussing politics (though inaccuracy irritates me even more), I'm actually fine with having missed this particular evening.
Before Readings for those in the chat room, Henry asked her to Read Me. I made the error of only indicating my having sun, moon, Mercury and Venus all in Taurus, and my being born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster. I should have provided my time and date of birth and location. She started out about my being very charming; that things would be Exciting over the next few years, what with Uranus going through Tuaurs. Come Spring things should open up, with new idea and new opportunies. The Sun gives depth, Moon give compassion, Mercury helps keeping feet on ground and hekos most of what I have, Venus shows a real love of people and loyalty. New Things would becoming; such as Contract Signing, and a lot of talent in writing... Elaine asked if I was working on something; CC indicated my having "several screeplays," though not clarifying they're short-subjects Ironically Elaine deduced that might be "more of a Gemini Thing," and suspected my probably having Gemini in my chart... and I had neglected to add than my Gemini is my Rising Sign...
Elaine also believed my being a little bit psychic, and with so much Taurus I shouldn't be fatalistic.
CC looked up my birthday, probably via my IMDb entry. With that, Elaine was able to get more details. She figures I'm going to Be Busy, if not already. With my Sun so close to Venus, that's very good For Acting, working with the public, and a sense around me that I'm More Sensitive than people realize, my Sun opposite Neptune; that my intuition is very good. This also allows many irons in the fire.
She indicated I have talented writing skills, putting things into words, what with my Mars being in Gemini, and a Quick Mind, utilizing Quick Action as well. The upcoming opportunities are going to be very strong, and in 2020 Jupiter goes into Capricorn. While opportunities will present themselves in 2019, come November through February will also have good opportunities. She also saw some traveling for me, possibly coming to the east coast.
From the chat room, CC provided Tina's info Elaine spoke of her having her Sun and Moon in Leo; being generous and strong willed. The summer would give her a lot of recognition (for which Leo's strive), and possibly some travel as well.
Henry gave double Scorpio Craig's 11 November birthday information. With his moon in Scorpio he plays his cards close to the vest, a very private person. With his Mercury in Sagittarius, he probably works well with the public, travel, and possibly education. With Jupiter in Leo, generally will like music, games of chance, and sports. Elaine wished Craig was on the phone to see if that could be validated. She could deduce his being very well liked and with a good circle of friends.
CC gave our Taurean Cathy's 14 May information, who has her moon in Aquarius. She's forward thinking, with an independent streak, and likes to plan ahead. She might like teaching and/or writing.
Henry brought up Aries Patsy's 29 March information. Born under a full moon, she's one to have the spotlight; apt to be very ladylike, sensitive and caring; with Venus in Taurus she has a love of home and family. Henry confessed to Patsy being his wife.
Henry had one more: Aquarian Aria (which Henry pronounced as "Area," as opposed to Aria, as in Stark), 15 February birthday. Her moon being in Pisces or Aries, with Mercury in Aries, hence her interest in the paranormal, She likes artistic and creative things; she needs to be a li'l more practical.
Elaine provided information and predictions regarding President Donald Trump: He's a Gemini; he is working hard to avoid trade issues with China; there will be impeachment talks (rather, continued impeachment talks), but no impeachment; he will run for re-election; the year ends well, but he be wary of mid-year

  • Elaine's website; select "Media tab" for Monthly Predictions page
  • Elaine videos on her site
  • Elaine's online Contact page
  • Elaine's 860-668-0373 number, for private readings.
16 February 2019 edition podcast -
Elaine Kuzmeskus
Elaine Kuzmeskus, M.S., Director of the
New England School of Metaphysics

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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