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On-set reports

Jeffrey Larson's Webseries

Saturday March 19, 2016 Having submitted for the webseries Adopted, I was contacted and cast as a lawyer for a scene. As it was just in the Valley Business offices at 5805 Sepulveda Boulevard right next to the Sepulveda Boulevard Orange Line Station, I easily arrived just before 9am for my 9:30 calltime.
Once inside, I met the very friendly series star and showrunner Jeffrey Larson. I learned this would be episode 211 entitled Kofi's Choice.
Not without precedent, they got to the reverse angle in the late afternoon.
At one point Jeff told me he had been impressed that, unlike all the other submissions, I had actually read the notes for the submission, and I had emailed them directly with my photo and info links. Out of 80+ people submitting, I was the only one to know to contact them properly, saving them a ton of time (not having to sift through 80+ submissions via LA Casting)... As it is, I always do read the notes on LA Casting postings, as sometimes they do indeed provide Direct Production contact information. This way I can email them links not only to my headshots, my demo reel/s but also my IMDB entry and the Wikipedia entry on me the Everything production created, including all of which is problematic with character-limited LA Casting submission entry field boxes.
It turned out that lunch was "build your own taco;" thankfully we were two blocks from the Wendy's at Erwin (and even Costco at which for a buck sixty three or so, one can get a large Pepsi and hotdog); I went to Wendy's again on Sunday as well. They had an okay craft services, but lunch was still not precisely my taste.
We Wrapped at 6pm.

Sunday March 20, 2016 I arrived for my 9:15am calltime, to find out unlike the day before when the elevators worked normally, today the elevator was access-key, and one of the ADs had to bring it down for the elevator to go to the desired floor.
Once there, I discovered Pan's Labrynth and Hellboy star Doug Jones was there for the day, playing Jeff's father.
Also on hand, playing Aunt Jackie, was the pleasant Tamra Meskimen, wife of comedian impressionist Jim Meskimen. The photo with Jim I have was taken by Tamra after one of Jim's JimPressions. performances.
Being filmed is the webseries's second season; ironically their first season is no longer online, having been taken down due to "low production values," and the current, well-funded season, being far more high-end, production value wise. Irony continues as now no one currently aware of the series can watch the first season, in which all the origin story takes place. I later had to wonder why didn't they just also just reshoot the first season as well?
Between camera set ups were the usual on set chat. We spoke about how some agents and even casting folk rely more on one's social media status over actual talent. Jeff confessed to buying Twitter Followers, a practice in which I've never partaken. While he assured me these were legit Followers, not 'bot accounts, I explained that my own Twitter Activity, based on some tips and tricks once given me on which I had expanded, put my then current Twitter Follower acquisition rate at about 125+ per week for almost two years, all legit and none purchased.
We got to my coverage, which encompassed our entering the conference room, and listening and reacting to to testimony. Shooting the other side of the conference room scene mostly was our reacting to something in the reverse angle, later we shot my sitting with Erika Solsten, playing Julie, beyond Jeff and Doug Jones having a quick dialogue together in the foreground.
According to the IMDB, this season finale episode is scheduled for its online released on August 31st.

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with Doug Jones
With the awesome Doug Jones
End of the day
The end of the day.

Saturday July 14, 2018
Jeffery contacted the cast, crew, and friends about a screening for Season Two. I arrived at the near-La Brea Wilshire location about a half hour early, helping bringing in Stuff as it arrived, including but not limited to a Red Carpet backdrop banner for photos.
Guests began to arrive, and to my surprised, We Make Movies. friend Whit Spurgeon arrived, his having worked on two episodes. Tamra and Jim Meskimen arrived, as did Doug Jones, with whom I got "updated" photos together,
The webseries was absurdist and very very funny, My scene was in episode 11, the season finale. Afterward, Jeffrey indicated he'd notify us all when it's about to Drop online; it might run on Amazon Prime.

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