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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday August 08, 2015
Tinamarie Ronan
Our guest tonight was paranormal investigator and Reiki Master Tinamarie Ronan, member of, and one time director of, the Michiana Chapter of the Indiana Ghost Trackers, of which Kat's mother was a member. Kat had also been a member, of a different chapter.
Tina started out speaking about her earliest experiences, and more recent experiences, with her somewhat skeptical husband, as well as her being director of the local Indiana Ghost Trackers chapter. The organization is also a teaching group; how to best investigate without contaminating evidence, etc.
Tina and Kat spoke about investigating the Crown Point Jail and Sheriff's house in Crown Point, Indiana.
We kicked into gear about the SLIder effect: Street Light Interference phenomenon, where people walking down the street at night have street lights pop off. My brother and I experience that phenomenon ourselves. Ceiling Cat Barbara wondered whether SLIder effect might be similar to poltegeist activity; Tina felt the two phenomenon are cousins.
Henry asked about Reiki; Tina indicated her next level goal is mastering Karuna Reiki. After the first break, Tina explained the different levels of Reiki.
The coolest thing in Reiki Tina has ever seen was with a blood-cancer patient on whom she was working, a normally strong man break down and cry for fifty minutes, allowing him to surrender to the healing energies. He is now cancer-free.
The coolest thing Tina has ever seen in the paranormal was her experience/s at the Warsaw, Indiana Barbee Hotel. Tina added the location had been featured on an episode of The Dead Files. Tina experienced a rather nasty ghost who attempted to Push (enter her body to use it). Tina's grounded friend Karen was able to get the spirit to back off. At the end of the night, it turned out to be a high probability that Tina's accoster may have been John Dillinger.
Tina later stressed she echews automatic-writing as it's too close to possession.
After the second break, Tina discussed the various places at which she's previously investigated, including but not limited to famous Waverly Hills. She said she wasn't able to attend an investigation at Mansfield, where an EVP actually asked for Tina by name.
Henry and Tina discussed the specter in a nearby room within Mr. G's Ice Cream in Gettysburg.
Tina and Kat spoke about Prospect Place at which they'd investigated.
She spoke about an unnamed haunted cemetery her group likes to frequent. There would be whispers in one's ear, Shadow People walking (and/or rushing) around. Once Tina espied a Gollum-esque lupine-like creature, the same night she saw several UFOs that weeks later other friends there the same night conveyed seeing the UFOs as well.
Tina gave out her Metaphysics Jewelry and Facebook page information.
I provided my site's Paranormal Hub page, the show's official website, as well as its Facebook presence, and my own @realbadger Twitter account, which I urged listeners to Follow.
We'd previously given our the show's new Patreon information: Kat gave out her own her primary website, her Jinxed Comic Twitter account and her comic's Jinxed site, and that the show being on Twitter at @Paraviewradio
Henry indicated our guest the next week would be psychic Rick Waid, and we wrapped out.

08 August 2015 edition podcast

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The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 08 August 2015 edition, with guest Tinamarie Ronan

Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
The Paranormal View

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