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Geoffrey Gould
Official co-host for
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 13, 2015
Kat Klockow: Japanese Ghosts
With no outside guest, and with me attending the Etheria Film Festival at the famous Egyptian Theatre from the mid to late afternoon into the evening, Kat became our Host-Guest, discussing Japanese ghosts and other spooky stuff. Henry introduced Kat, who also added about the show presence on Twitter.
Henry pointed out the conspiracy theory of going cashless, only digital currency, but Kat pointed out the People will probably not allow that. That could be the Last Straw. She pointed out, particular in Japan it's pretty much cash only. In Japan, credit and debit cards are barely ever used.
Henry distracted Ceiling Cat Barbara Duncan from doing a check on conspiracy theories, in this case the "asteroid headed to destroy the world."
Kat clarified that Henry had found Japanese ghost stories at She also explained distinctions between Shintoism and Buddism and ghosts houses, etc. Kat wondered if she should start with stories of Gateways to Hell, Vengeful Spirits, Phantom Roads, and Samuri's Head, or what Henry had on his list.
Henry gave her carte blanche, so she started with Gateways to Hell stories. Henry mistook kaiju (e.g., Godzilla), as being ghost legends, but Kat clarified his being rather modern (as well as cinematic). She suggested we dedicate a future show to Kaiju, considering there are social scientists who do study them.
She spoke about hot springs so hot they are considered Hell, as they are too hot in which to bathe.
With a cat mysteriously meowing in the background (mostly likely Henry's Alistaire), Kat took them out for the first break.
Henry reported our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia (normally it's CC who conveys this information).
Kat discussed the 17th century story of Okiko and the Well.
Next, Kat presented the Gateway to Hell aspect known as Mt. Osore: "Mountain of Fear," at which there have been ghost sightings.
She then went onto to speak about the Suicide Cliffs known as Tōjinbō. During July and August, the Ghostly Months, there are variety shows claiming videos of ghosts. Kat told the tale of a priest Tōjinbō who had had his eye on a princess. One of the princess's suitors tricked Tōjinbō to meet at the cliffs, where the suitor pushed Tōjinbō off. This rendered Tōjinbō not only a Vengeful Ghost, but one able to manipulate nature itself. On the anniversary of his murder, a monsoon would hit his monestary, until a later priest created a proper memorial service which appeased the spirit of Tōjinbō. Similarly, another version has a very disliked priest dragged by a mob to the cliffs and thrown over. This one did not become a Vengeful Spirit, but it's said if you're looking around the cliffs at dusk, you could come across an elderly monk just standing and looking out over the sea. He says nothing but fades away in front of you. Kat added there is a retired policeman who formed a campaign to prevent suicides there. She said she would place various links about what she discussed tonight on her website, for easier reference.
As in the background the cat meowing returned, Kat moved onto the topic of Phantom Roads, starting with Yureizaka, were countless ghosts have been sighted, due to the disturbing of their graves.
Before going to break, Henry related from CC (presumably via Skype chat), that the show had since acquired listeners also from Mexico, as well as Japan.
Kat did convey a story about her travels to the Tōjinbō Cliffs, where she got her foot stuck in a public squat-toilet.
At Kat's behest, Henry made an effort to pronounce "kuchisakeonna." Despite being told it was all but phonetic, Henry tried with "koochie sakie onna." Kat laughed as he was very close, it being pronounced "koochie sakay onna;" sake like the Japanese drink. Kuchisakeonna is an urban legend around for two to three thousand years, about a vain wife and a hypocritical husband. While she forgave his extra marrital affairs, he did not forgive when she had one, and sliced her face at the mouth from ear to ear. Throwing herself into the river, she became a Vengeful Ghost, stalking the night and killing the husband. Due to a case in the 1970s there was a resurgance of the story, when a pedophile woman, chasing after a little girl, was killed in traffic. The car collision caused her face to have the same injury as the slice-faced ghost.
She got to the 10th century story of Taira no Masakado and his severed flying head, and the Shrine within which the head now rests.
Kat recommended for tourists visiting Japan, the Haunted Tokyo Tours historic ghost walks, for three thousand yen ($24.29 US).
Henry brought up a story of an beckoning ghost hand out of a dark wall, as well as the rattling bridge known as Gatagata Bashi. Kat referenced Hidarugami: the Hunger Gods that attack hikers. They also discussed the rather lethal Isonade, and the Bake-kujira, a deadly animated whale skeleton, the Racnoss-esque Jorōgumo, the Teke Teke, as well as the Katakirauwa baby pig ghosts, and the massive Gashadokuro mass of skeletons, as well as the lightning fast Kamaitachi leg-stealing weasels.
CC brought up about Hopping Ghosts, which is more of a physical Chinese creature.
(Throughout tonight's show), Kat continuously gave out her website her site, and her jinxedcomic Twitter presence. While inadvertantly Kat inaccurately gave out my Twitter presense, but she did give out my Paranormal View Hub Page correctly. Henry gave out the show's official website, which Kat playfully reminded him that he rarely if ever updates it.
(No one did mention the show now being available on iTunes...)

June 13 2015 edition podcast.

Now also available on iTunes

Haunted Hoosier Halls:
Indiana University
by Kat Klockow
Kat Klockow June 13 2015 edition
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