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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday October 04, 2014
Return to Ryan's Tavern
Tonight Henry and Kat broadcast live from the active Ryan's Tavern in Hamilton, Ohio, from which Henry and Kat had done previous live broadcasts.
We started out with Vickie Ryan who spoke about receiving emails complaining about background voices when Henry was interviewing her. The only issue was... there was no one else with them in the room: it was just Henry and Vickie in a separate, closed, quiet room. Only people listening was hearing other voices.
Vickie brought up their earliest times owning the place and refurbishing the then near uninhabitable establishment, and her first paranormal experiences with the place's friendly, if sometimes mischievous, ghost Elizabeth: toilets flushing themselves, running water, the elevator running on its own, et al.
As Vickie had also spoken about the occasional doppleganger, Kat mentioned having experienced such herself. Vickie discussed also experiencing strong odour such as cigarette stench, and mouth-exhaled alcohol. She also spoke about the mysterious Nightly Click that tends to happen.
Henry knew that at one time an adjoining building had at one time be an opera house. Kat indicated what ghosts across which she's previously come there during investigations, as well as the activity surrounding the elevator. Vickie spoke of how the elevator has scared her all her life; years ago the location was a dress shop at which Vickie obtained her school uniform, and loathed riding the elevator.
Vickie spoke of three servers who were really liked, but they all resigned in the same short amount of time, apparently due to the strong activity going on. Current staff have reported experiences in the kitchen and such.
Vickie spoke of a bridal shower, during which the elevator arrived and the door remained open during the opening of gifts. It was on the second floor where there'd also been a wedding shower of 25 women, but when they later check the photo they found a 26th woman.
With the earliest reports, Vickie spoke of her first meeting the TriOps group, which did the first official investigation there, and how endearing to her they were/are. She recounted how during their first visit, they pointed out to her how the trees were not moving nor was the nearby town flag, but the tavern's Irish flag was merrily waving in the non-breeze.
Ceiling Cat (CC) Barbara Duncan brought us back from break, reporting our having listeners tonight in the US, the UK, Canada, France, and Australia.
Henry was waiting on Tully, the tavern's bartender, so brought on Amanda Amanda from TriOps, who'd been into the paranormal, since having a child ghost friend when she was eight or nine. She's been a TriOps member for about three years.
Amanda spoke about some of her more memorable experiences on investigations at Ryan's Tavern, as well as the kitchen ghost they call Anna. Henry brought on kitchen staffer Kizzy who experienced Anna, as well as other activity, but she's never experienced Elizabeth. She still gets a little creeped out, but she's used to it.
Amanda returned to the mic, speaking about the basements, which seems to have housed either prohibition or underground railroad tunnels. Kat discussed some of the Hamilton, Ohio history, that in the 1920s it was considered "Little Chicago," with Dillinger, etc., who once eluded police hiding in the womens' outhouse which the police neglected to search. Kat also spoke about all the alcohol running going on.
Amanda conveyed some of TriOps' upcoming investigations. She also spoke of various eye witness acounts she'd experienced at Ryan's, often on the second floor. They also discussed the activity in the cellar.
Henry brought up the upcoming Witch's Ball being held the 24th of October.
Amanda gave out the TriOps group's website, their Facebook page, and Kat even provided TriOps' Twitter account.
I provided the show's various page locations such as my site's Paranormal View hub page, the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, my own Twitter presence, et al; Kat gave out her website, our show's Twitter presence, and her own Twitter.
Henry indicated our next week's guest being Deborah Moffitt, the subject of the story documented in the book A Deadly Haunting, and we wrapped out.

Ryan's Tavern
Ryan's Tavern
04 October 2013 edition podcast
Henry at Ryan's Tavern
A seemingly sad and lonely Henry at Ryan's Tavern
Return to Ryan's Tavern
Henry and Kat live from Ryan's Tavern
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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