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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
ACME Mental Health Clinic
Rafael Angulo's USC Student Film

Friday July 11, 2012
I'd submitted for and received an invitation for a USC student film ACME Mental Health Clinic audition, which on Wednesday the 10th, I'd attended at the Social Service building at USC, which was new. I had been used to going to the Lucas Building, etc. Writer/director Rafael Angulo met with me and, as the audition notice implied, it was a re-imagining of the Monty Python sketch The Cheese Shop, with various, numerous mental health therapies as opposed to cheese selections.
Cold reading being one of my strongest suits, I confess nailing the audition. Rafael called the next day, offering me the role that in the sketch was played by John Cleese.
At the rehearsal, in the same building a few rooms down, I met Alex Diehl opposite whom I'd be playing. We ran it once or twice and found good comic chemistry.
Alex didn't have time for a thank-you meal, so Rafael took me to The Lab, across the street on Figueroa. While their menu had fish-and-chips, it wasn't available so I had a rather pleasant steak, though a bit more medium rare than spot-on medium (Gordon Ramsay would not have been pleased).

Sunday July 19, 2014
Alex and I had learned we lived close enough together that we'd arranged for Alex to pick me up for the morning shoot. We arrived at 8:20am at the location for our 8:30am call. The crew was setting up, and we got our first shot in around 9:30am'ish; we wrapped at 4:45pm.
As early as the audition, it was discussed, considering the complexity of the script, with technobabble to make a Trekkie blush, that cue cards (or poster paper), be written up with the varied terminology.
At the shoot, Alex's coverage was done first, allowing me to deal with the script, his response lines being far easier than mine. I thought I was doing better, going over them and over them, but the complexity was such I requested some way to be able to access the numerous therapy terms. They managed to find a White Board, and I wrote out the terms so I could do my coverage.
Understadably, the script doesn't end the same way in the Python sketch; Laurie Miller arrives to exposit the actual events, and there's a cute, bittersweet Moment.
One unscripted aspect I did not anticipate being added was Rafael's utilizing the talented Sitar playing, had his three main cast members dancing. Considering my cool-bowtie, my dancing was a combination of "just going with" the music, and the Doctor "dancing" at Rory and Amy's Wedding...
Everyone on set conveyed being impressed with my performance, my struggling memorizing the mega-terms notwithstanding. Rafael understood my dilema, having little to nearly no time with which to remember these therapy titles. He also stressed that he would be making film projects for social services, and would be calling on Alex and me.

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Director with the cast for the USC student film ''ACME Mental Health Clinic''
Rafael Angulo, myself
Alex Diehl, and Laurie Miller.
Director and DP for the USC student film ''ACME Mental Health Clinic''
DP Ryan with
writer/director Rafael Angulo

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