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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday June 07, 2014
Return to the Bell Nursing Home
Tonight Henry was back at the Bell Nursing Home, with Betsy Beatenhead, who knows the place's history. As it was, Patsy/Nyla was along with Henry, while others Henry had expected to attend... didn't. Betsy spoke of the building's initial from 1812 to 1960 home owners, the Ludlies. After the Ludlies owned it, it was a funeral home for a time, as well as a tannery.
Henry indicated that when the tannery had been there, there had been a second floor, which is no longer there, but sometimes people can hear footsteps from the non-existent second floor.
They then discussed the unsubstantiated story of former owner Harry Steele, whose wife supposedly committed suicide around 1930 or so on the stairs. Raymond Bell purchased it and made it into a nursing home, taking in more patients than they could handle, forcing them to expand the building. They owned it until the early 1980s, the facility purchased by the Childs, at which point the place went into less than stellar care.
Betsy's daughter had worked there when it was a working nursing home. It was already well known throughout Kimbolton to be haunted; people working there did not go upstairs at night. Betsy herself dislikes the basement and even more, the kitchen. They now have CCTV security cameras that have been picking up Activity.
When she'd bought it, Natalie was unaware of the haunted aspect of the property. She'd met Betsy who had come by, being a firefighter, to check the sprinklers, and she told Natalie about the basement embalming room.
Kat and I heard Something, such as a cough in the distance, even Betsy felt she'd heard a male whisper. CC noted it was 28 minutes into the show (27:20 on the podcast playback).
Wondering whether there were any haunted artifacts, Henry brought up the topic of Natalie's Haunted Dolls.
After the first break, Betsy reiterated how she first told Natalie how haunted is the place, which to Natalie explained a lot of what she'd been experiencing. Betsy also spoke of the various Sightings that had been experienced over the years. She spoke of the most famous ghost being that of a young girl, who one can hear, feel her touching people, etc.
Considering Betsy's dislike for it, we discussed the kitchen, what with Henry's choice not to investigate the cellar this time. It was also stressed that official investigations being on Fridays and Saturdays. Henry felt a group should be no more than ten, as more would probably contaminate audio captures.
Betsy spoke of previous sites nearby such as a train depot. Betsy also spoke of other haunted places in and/or near Kimbolton, such as Conesville.
It is also felt there is no Portal within the building. Betsy indicated Natalie brought her dog, but mostly focused on Betsy's autistic son at one point, who was sitting in a chair, and would not leave the room; he would have no part of the house beyond the one room.
Henry mentioned the non sequitor of my helping wildlife rehabilitator friends bottle feed raccons.
Henry had Betsy speak about her daughter's experience with the local cemetery, with her "imaginary" friend Timmy Johnson. At one point during a drive her daughter declared a house they were passing was where Timmy lived "before he'd died." Eventually Betsy located Timmy's grave, and checked the census records to confirm the facts.
Henry played the one EVP he'd acquired at a previous visit to the Bell Nursing Home (the little girls sing-song like "please wake up" EVP, captured in the north-wing day-room).
Henry had Kat check to learn that as of this evening, next week we would be Guestless...
Betsy gave out the Bell Nursing Home website, and that they were on Facebook.
I imparted my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's official site, that we're findable on Facebook, et al, and Kat was conveyed The Paranormal View being on Twitter: @Paraviewradio (, and her own website and Facebook information.

June 07 2014 edition podcast
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Apparition Commission
Apparition Commission on Facebook
Apparition Commission on Facebook
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Natalie Dickendasher of the Bell Nursing Home, and Marc Spicer of Paranormal Ohio Research Team [P.O.R.T.]
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