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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday May 03, 2013
Harmon Hall
In one of our "fastest" two hours shows, tonight Henry and Kat broadcast live from Warren County Historical Society & Museum's haunted Harmon Hall.
My phone was being annoying again, so Henry had to phone me rather than my uncooperative Skype. Kat provided some history on the building as well as Lebanon, Ohio. Also investigating this evening included but was not limited to Victory of Light Investigations, Project Pararnormal Investigations and Shadow Hunters Paranormal.
They started out interviewing Museum Executive Director Victoria Van Harlingen who spoke about the town geography. She also spoke of early-on paranormal experiences; several visitors also experiencing being "unable" to enter the Shaker Gallery, due to a strong sense they were Not Welcome therein. Victoria has had a caress on her face in the Gallery. She spoke of a ghost of a little boy named Seth in the log cabin outside. There are also stuff that get moved around when there's renovation.
As there are various Events at the facility, they don't have As Many paranormal investigations as they could. Henry and Kat spoke about nearby Glendower Mansion which was the original museum. Victoria indicated a dog brought in once became a trigger that created some substantial paranormal activity; that the ghosts may have been very less than pleased.
At Henry's suggestion, Victoria gave out the museum's hours and admission prices. She also spoke of her own experiences, even during the daytime, such as the elevator moving on its own without anyone engaging it. She has also seen full body apparitions, one being a woman whose portrait is viewable... the expression in the portrait of which will change.
Before she departed, she spoke about the museum's Gruesome But Truesome Tour, about which I'd asked.
After the break they brought on Lori Dennon (and co-founder), of Shadow Hunters Paranormal, discussing her and the group's background and investigations. She spoke of her group being family and friends, but getting a few new members. Also discussed was the elderly Museum cat, as well as the fact the group often Brings Cookies for investigators.
CC Barbara reported our having listeners in the US, the UK, Gaum, Columbia, and France.
Henry pointed out also there this night was David Jones's group Project Pararnormal Investigations. Lori discussed their working with Victory of Light Paranormal.
Tonight was one of the fastest two hours, considering our two guests being so fantastic.
CC managed to ask about the poltergeist; Lori indicated their working with mediums, such as Victor Paruta.
Lori provided the Shadow Hunters Paranormal website, along with their Facebook page and the group's 513-315-5959 hotline.
I gave out the Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page. Kat gave out her own websites, or her Miss Grey Smashword site, already having given out that The Paranormal View being now on Twitter under the name @paraviewradio, et al.
Henry let everyone know that the next week we would have Bill Birnes of UFO Hunters as our guest and we wrapped out; after breaking down their equipment, Henry and Kat would be investigating the place as well.

03 May 2014 edition podcast
Harmon Hall
03 May 2014 edition, with Harmon Hall

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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
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