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Geoffrey Gould
Reports from the set/s...
''Jinxed'' pre-production poster
Edgar Gonzalez Tornell and Juan Pesquera's
NY Film Academy student film

Saturday February 15, 2014
Saturday January 25, 2014, Google Maps sending me on a wild goose chase with its "directions," notwithstanding, I went to the new Burbank digs of the New York Film Academy, at which I auditioned for a security guard role for the student film Jinxed for writer/director Edgar Gonzalez Tornell and producer Juan Pesquera. I read it through twice, the second time with an adjustment.
Three weeks later Edgar contacted me to offer me the role, and provided information on the upcoming table read.

Wednesday March 05, 2014
Table Read
I managed to find Glix Studios in Burbank easily enough. Its website indicates it's "always open;" I arrived for the 8:30pm table read at 8:10 or so, learning it'd been rescheduled to 9pm.
Ben Atkinson (playing the lead's best friend, sort of a character Tyler Labine would play), arrived shortly after I, as did Clare Wess Yauss, Nhut Le; lead Andy Hérbert, Edgar and Juan arrived, and we got started.
The shoot was scheduled to encompass four days at month's end, at the Glix facility, only two days of which would require my presence. Due to continuity, it would be shot in script chronological order, so the first two days would have the two co-stars, and my bit would be at the start of the third day. Plus, due to using the Glix Studios, everything would be Set Up for us: no arriving then waiting about for hours and hours. The lighting and such would be set up the evening before.
After the read through, I discovered I was not the only pop culture geek in the room, our making references to Archer, the insane character Rafi from The League, recent Batman comic book and computer game storylines, et al.
When we were done, Eli Kramer gave me a lift back to where I'd been staying.

Wednesday March 26, 2014
Shoot, Day 1
The night before we were emailed callsheets; my calltime was 10:15am, meaning getting to the Burbank location was no big deal, apart from leaving around 8am. But the MTA decided to throw me a curve-ball. The 183 bus from Glendale through Burbank, which would have dropped me a block from the corner to which I was headed... simply did not show up. I was fifteen minutes early for it, and its time came, went, and both apps that indicated it was coming suddenly reset that the next bus would be an hour from then.
Thankfully I know the bus lines enough to know the 92 would get me relatively close, and the next one headed me up that way. I texted Edgar and Juan that I was slightly delayed, but I did make it by 10:15am, just not as earlier than that that I'd planned.
We filmed my sequence, up to my head-shot, after which the bloody exit-wound was added to my head. Ben and Andy were hilarious, and fun with whom to work (it's also great to have tons of mutual-interest pop-culture stuff to discuss when waiting for the next set-up to be ready for us to be back on set).
We were complete by about 6:15pm, after filming most of Nhut Le's scene. Clare's scene was "complete" the first day, so throughout this day (and the next), consisted of her sitting in the corner when she'd be in the shot.
Andy and I learned we didn't live very far from each other at all, so he drove me home and offered to pick me up in the morning if we had another 7am calltime. Soon the callsheets were received in our respective inboxes and indeed, the actors had a 7:15am calltime.

Thursday March 27, 2014
Shoot, Day 2
Andy retreived me at 6:15am, and after a quick stop at Starbucks (as the "coffee" concept of crafty at the shoot was... unpleasant), we arrived at Glix and he and Ben got re-bloodied up to match the day before.
As my character was already dead, lying face down on the bed (I deliberately worked to emulate the position in the first Saw movie, though I had the gun in my left hand, not my right), I had to battle staying awake. I'd warned them of this; Andy was smart enough, when sitting next to my feet, to gently nudge my foot when he suspected I'd begun to drift off.
I also had no caffeine with which to help my remaining wakeful; neither day was there any regular Coca-Cola or Pepsi (nor any real choice of snacks apart from Doritos type stuff)... apart from water, the only drinks available were non-caffeine Sprite and fat-inducing, carcinogen-laden Diet Coke. I found this more strange than ironic, as Juan had requested our listing any "allergies," to which I responded to my aversion to Diet Soda, and clarifying the "request" for regular Coke or Pepsi... and then neither being provided.
Eli arrived and we shot his energetic entrance, and his character preparing for the Solution to the protagonists' immediate problem.
As lunch was called, I was wrapped a bit after 1pm, a few minutes after Clare had been officially wrapped as well. I had learned earlier in the day that Clare was into true ghost stories and such, so I gave her the information on my weekly radio show online, The Paranormal View at Para-X.
As they had similar "food" to the day before, I did not linger (the previous day, Juan was gracious enough to drive me up to the nearby Wendys). My app told me the bus to my rental box might just be catchable, and I thanked all and scooted over, just making it (though annoyingly that turned out to be a wasted trip, the check from the previous week's Lost in Austen shoot having not yet arrived), so I just headed home from there.
That night around 7:45pm, Giovanna Sarquís email-blasted the news that the projected was wrapped, thanking each one of us for our energy and dedication, making the set rock.
I look forward to seeing the finished version of the dark comedy.

Sunday July 27, 2014
Checking my own IMDB entry, I came across that Jinxed now has its own entry.
A few days earlier, we got an email that there would be a 3:30pm screening Friday August 08 at Warner Bros. studios.

Friday August 08, 2014
I got to Warner Bros. in plenty of time, and was greeted by Edgar, and came across Andy who sat with me,
There were ten or eleven shorts being screened; the first half were family friendly (or family "enough" friendly), after a break were the "possibly objectionable" films, ours being first.
It was as cartoon-y violence as we'd expected, and it was even funnier listening to the 90%-ish capacity audience's reaction/s.
My main miff was with myself; I'd thought my hair had been properly combed down, but it kind of listed off to the side a bit.
Living nearby, Andy graciously drove me home, and we made sure this time we were connected on Facebook.

As the security guard
Clare Wess Yauss and Andy Herbert in ''Jinxed''
Clare Wess Yauss
and Andy Hérbert
Nhut Le in ''Jinxed''
Nhut Le
Clare Wess Yauss in ''Jinxed''
Clare Wess Yauss
Ben Atkinson, Geoffrey Gould, and Andy Herbert in ''Jinxed''
with Ben Atkinson and Andy Hérbert
Geoffrey Gould as the security guard in ''Jinxed''
Demonstrating the
right to bear bare
arms... oh wait...
Geoffrey Gould make-up for ''Jinxed''
Head shot
Ben Atkinson, Geoffrey Gould, and Andy Herbert in ''Jinxed''
with Ben Atkinson and Andy Hérbert
Ben Atkinson, Geoffrey Gould, and Andy Herbert in ''Jinxed''
On set with
Ben Atkinson
and Andy Hérbert
Andy Herbert, Clare Wess Yauss, Eli Kramer, Geoffrey Gould, Ben Atkinson in ''Jinxed''
Andy Hérbert, Clare Wess Yauss
Ben Atkinson, Eli Kramer

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