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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday March 01, 2013
Willa Black
Tonight we welcomed to the show psychic ghost hunter Willa Black of Ghost Researchers in Pennsylvania (GRIP). She first began to see spirits at the earliest age of around two in their Pennsylvania. Her parents noticed her having seemingly one-sided conversations, and despite aware they were dead it made no difference to her. It was almost like a sibling who mostly communicated by teasing.
Their having moved to Indiana, there are little girl ghosts there as well, but she's unaware if they're the same girl ghosts that followed the family. She attends Seton Hall University, which has its own share of ghosts, in Willa's case, her experiencing a ghostly nun, later mentioning how the nun likes to mess up technology during classes by messing with the localized energy.
She discussed how at age two, her vocabulary, and even grammar was "too good" for a two year old. She slowly began realizing and remembering her previous lives, having a conversation with a ghost of her previous mother.
She discussed her appearance on The Ghost Inside My Child in season one episode three: titled Orphan Trains & Hotel Flames.
With a clear memory of one of her previous lives' deaths, resulting in a current phobia, specifically seeing a seated woman facing away, looking out a window.
What flashbacks she has experienced are vivid but fragmentary, like recalling a vivid childhood memory.
She has recalled other languages, and sometimes "picks up" such as Spanish and Japanese, but it comes and goes, so Kat asking her a question in Japanese didn't work due to Willa's phone (even the chat room conveyed difficulties in hearing/understanding Kat's Japanese). The two discussed Japanese for a bit (the culture and such, not chatting in Japanese).
In from the second break, CC indicated our having listeners in the US, the UK, Pakistan, and Canada.
Sherri in the chat room asked, does remembering past lives help with ghost hunting? She indicated it does, as remembering Deaths gives her a common frame of reference.
Henry asked after Willa's mom's ghost group GRIP: the Ghost Researchers in Pennsylvania, and Willa would be brought to ghost hunts. Initially Willa would be lookout, particularly when investigating cemeteries at night.
The group had an adult psychic; meanwhile Willa would be chatting with ghost children. When the adult psychic passed, and the other psychic left the group, at age 17, Willa became the group psychic.
The group does private residence investigations, but they've gone to places like Gettysburg. At private residence investigations, Willa is given no information or background, and reports what she senses. At one, she got a name and time period, and what activity had been happening (ghost-therapy, as Willa puts it).
As they're in Pennsylvania, Henry asked if they'd been to Pennhurst or such, but mostly they've been to Gettysburg, as well as Eastern State Penitentiary.
At Gettysburg (and she'd had had a life during the war between the states), the ghosts tended to be careful as to what she was Allowed To See. Now, when not annoyed by the tourists, the ghosts can be quite chatty, Willa reported.
She spoke about the ghosts in her home, which rests on a former trailer park. She added her mother tends to find haunted objects, and putting them in Willa's room.
She pointed out about choosing to return quickly after death as opposed to kicking back for a while, sometimes taking on a Protector Role.
Her mother now makes investigations scheduled around Willa's schedule. The group has a fluxuating number of members.
As Willa's mom snuck into the chat room, to assure me she was not as "goofy" as Willa seemed to be making her out to be.
Henry asked where would Willa really like to investigate: she certainly would love to investigate in Japan.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be Talia Johnson, regarding Civil War ghosts.
Willa indicating being on Facebook; I gave out the Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page; Kat gave out her Hunt For Ghosts page and her own websites. Barbara actually indicated her Facebook profile with cemetery photos, and we wrapped out.

01 March 2014 edition podcast
Willa Black
The Paranormal View 01 March 2014 edition, with Willa Black.

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