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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday January 25 , 2013
Patrick McCormack
With Kat attending Ohayocon anime and manga convention in Columbus, Ohio for the weekend, Henry, Ceiling Cat Barbara and myself welcomed back Patrick McCormack and Doug McReynolds of GhostSoldiers.
Pat lamented how their former para-x show had to be cancelled when the FCC unlawfully decided the Internet was the same as over-airwaves radio.
Weems–Botts Museum in Dumfries, Virginia, near Manassas. There had been four major battles there; a Doctor Weems lived nearby so it became a field hospital, and about 9000 casualties were simply placed into a mass grave.
They also discussed the haunted Landon House and the Poe House both in Virginia.
Theirs was the first ever paranormal team to be allowed access to the Hindenberg crash site, during which they got some impressive EVPs which unfortunately couldn't be played on the air as Skype wouldn't access it. They'd were allowed as they'd been invited to clear one bay of extreme paranormal activity going on, and, considering they were allowed only a single day to do it, being quite successful.
After the second break, CC reported our having listeners in the US, the UK Canada, Germany and France.
They discussed the horrors of the cellar of the Hoffman Farm, which had been used as a field hospital, where they got some Class A EVPs.
CC pointed out that many thought the war between the states was chaotic when in fact it was highly organized; they told us that at the Library of Congress is The War of the Rebellion, listing in incredible detail the northern army's soldiers, movements, who fought in which regiment where, et al.
They went into more detail about the Poe House, and how some people are pushed down a set of stairs. The place is very paranormal investigator friendly, often can be arranged through Spirited History.
Henry has them discuss the disastrous Richmond Theatre fire of 1811 in which 72 people perished. The theatre was removed and the Monumental Church placed on the spot, over a crypt in which the bodies that could not be indentified were sealed. Henry indicating visiting the nearby St. John's Church at which Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech.
Pat gave out their older website and the new website; I gave out my my Paranormal View hub page on my website, indicating people from there can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, the official Paranormal View page page, and Kat's Hunt For Ghosts page and Kat Klockow websites.
Henry conveyed our guest the next week would be Tarot Reader Tina Armor and we wrapped out.

25 January 2014 edition podcast
The Paranormal View hosts
The Paranormal View 25 January 2014 edition, with Patrick McCormack, and Doug McReynolds of GhostSoldiers

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