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Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific
Paranormal View; Saturday nights at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific

Saturday July 13, 2013
Thomas Fusco
Tonight's we had returning guest author Thomas P. Fusco, of Behind the Cosmic Veil.
I provided the introduction, mostly from his site: Thomas P. Fusco is an independent researcher who has devoted nearly three decades investigating the relationship between mind, physics, spirituality, parapsychology, scientific anomalies and paranormal phenomena with the goal of uncovering the unifying cosmological framework that has eluded mankind for generations. He has been invited to speak as a guest on numerous radio programs. With his single super geometrical model, he explains the physically observable characteristics of every primary and secondary phenomenon associated with paranormal and psychic phenomena, as well as shed light on a number of scientific, astrophysical and quantum physical enigmas. Rather than explaining the paranormal with quantum physics as everyone else is doing, Tom Fusco provides the proof for the opposite case, namely, that it's quantum physics that's paranormal!
Thomas discussed about how his theories governing electromagnetics that could create EVPs, and how philosophy can create nonsense when it comes to comparison with science.
He also spoke on how Einstein corrected Newton's theory that space was vacant, and discussed energy at length.
Half-joking that his geometrical model "prevents" his being invited to paranormal conventions and events, Thomas told us that he'd been a guest on a radio show co-hosted by Brad Steiger, who hated Thomas easily explaining "away" spirituality and the paranormal.
He listed off the various "types" of paranormal investigators, and how, being scientifically based, Thomas is shunned from same.
After the second break, Barbara reported that tonight's listeners, as generally is the case, were from the US, Canada, Finland, France, the UK, Costa Rica and... Other.
Sherri in the chat room asked about the paranormal in the Bible. Thomas pointed out one had to sidestep religious prejudice and dogma, particularly considering how much paranormal activity is listed within the Bible, likening it to criminal forensics.
Thomas answered Henry's inquiries as to quantum mechanics, such as how an electron literally teleports physically to a different higher orbital level when excited; "spooky actions at a distance."
As always, Barbara had the more profound questions.
Thomas gave out his website's information and the page from which one can order his book on his site.
With Kat being elsewhere, I gave out her website (and her Miss Grey graphic novel page), though quite enough time to provide her Facebook information. I provided my website's Paranormal View hub page one can find the show's respective report pages, that we're very findable on Facebook, page, and adding there being information regarding health products on my site that people should be taking, by indicating anyone wanting to live longer and healthier, and/or with health issues or just... aging in general... could contact me directly, et al.

13 July edition podcast.
Thomas Fusco
Thomas Fusco: 13 July 2013 returning guest on The Paranormal View.

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